Sleep series: Who needs sleep anyway?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my sleep lately – or lack of it – and decided to start a small series on how I’m trying to improve it. There will hopefully be some great tips along the way and some of you might relate to the things I go through in trying to get some.

I’m going to be keeping a sleep diary from tonight onwards and using new methods to hopefully create a normal sleeping pattern.

I know a lot of people stay awake at nights when they’re stressed and have things whirring through their heads, but with me, it’s never really been about that. There’s no change in my pattern depending on how I’m feeling. Well, I say pattern – there is no pattern!

I have tried switching off at a certain time, getting off my phone and laying in the dark, but even in a completely relaxed state, sometimes I’m just too awake. I’ve stopped drinking caffeine after work, but it didn’t affect things too much. Obviously it does affect you and you will be more awake with it, but I still didn’t need much sleep.

So far I have found these things help:
Blackout curtains – which I don’t currently have!
Reading when a bit tired can make me more so.
Exercise helps a bit, and this is something I need to work on.
9 to 5 (ish) job has definitely helped.


This is not a recent problem. In fact, I never really saw it as a problem. Since I was a really young child, sleep has been an odd concept to me. I can’t seem to accept that I need to recharge. I always feel like that time could be better used. When I get home from work, I like to fill my evenings, but even on the days I don’t I like to catch up on TV, writing, etc.

I am lucky in that I can function on very little sleep, but it definitely catches up on me sometimes. Staying at my boyfriend’s parents house the other week was great as they have blackout/dark curtains. I forgot what it was like to not wake up because it’s light outside. It was a wake up call if you like 😉 So I’m definitely going to get some for my place and replace the useless blinds.

Before I start sharing results, here is my current sleeping situation…

Going to bed before 1am is an achievement. I usually go around 1-2am, but take about an hour to go sleep. Alarm goes off at 7.10am for work, I get out of bed about 7.30am. The same goes for weekends. I’m always up at about 8am, even if I’ve been out the night before and up until 4am.

I’d say my sleep averages out to 4/5 hours a night. This would be fine, if I was asleep the whole time. Instead, I wake up through the night, or have weird dreams that shock me awake. It’s still fine, and I feel okay in the morning. However, when it gets to the afternoon or evening, everything starts to lag a little. Luckily, I don’t believe my work is affected, but think I could get more done when home if I didn’t feel tired later on in the day.

I also wake up to an alarm that definitely is not working with my sleep pattern and would like to work out my optimal wake up time and amount of sleep needed in order to feel more motivated in the mornings.

I want to change my sleep and get a routine to:
Increase my levels of concentration throughout the next day.
Help me becoming healthier.
Maybe have less tired-looking eyes!
Wake up feeling fresh and motivated.

I have been sent a ResMed S+ to review, so will be using this to track my sleep activity and see if I can get some help on how I can change my current routine.


This week, I’ll be discussing sleep in the Twitter chat #latenightbloggers, which I started for fellow bloggers who are always up working at nights. Join us if you can, it’s not just for bloggers! It’s on 9-10pm (UK time) Wednesday.

Do you struggle with sleep? What’s your main sleeping problem?