Love Me Beauty Box Subscription

I signed up for a new subscription box last month. While I like the usual beauty ones, I find I’m collecting a lot of samples and beauty products, and wanted something a little different.

I came across Love Me Beauty on Twitter and instantly wanted to try. It promised beauty products, jewellery and accessories.

This subscription works differently than others I’ve tried. It’s not a surprise box, but you actually choose the items you want. You can get about 3-5 products per box, depending on their worth. This seems a bit less exciting, but I was looking forward to receiving things I definitely liked.

The way it works is you buy credits. Items are worth 10-20 credits each, and you can use 60 each month.

The smallest subscription is for 3 months.
You get 180 credits (bonus 30 extra credits) that promises to be worth £147+
It costs £30 for 3 months, plus you pay postage on the first payment (£7.50 pre-payment)

There is more on pricing here.

There are about 30 items to choose from.
I went for:
Gold ear cuff with raw cut rose quartz stone by LMB
Charcoal cord bracelet with rose quartz stone, encased in gold tone metal by LMB
Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm



I really love the jewellery, but haven’t tried the balm yet. The ear cuff is so different and like nothing else I own. I also love that the bracelet matches. It’s really cute and lightweight.

I was given a code after purchasing, so anyone who uses TINA3339  when signing up will get £21 in credits!

Have you ever purchased from Love Me Beauty? What’s your favourite subscription box?

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  • lovely products!

    • Yeah, looking forward to my next one 🙂

  • I signed up to this because I had a Groupon voucher, and I’ve had mixed views. It has some really good brands such as Nuxe but everything I’ve had so far has been tiny so I’m not sure about the value. This month I got some extra credits (not sure why) so I’ve got 5 products coming which I am very excited about!

    BY THE WAY – I got the ear cuff but I can’t for the life of me work out how to put it on. Am I being a fool or do I have strange ears? Help haha.

    Carolanne |

    • Hahaha! Yeah I got it with Groupon! I couldn’t remember who told me about in on Twitter, but it was probably you! Sorry.

      I was at it for a good while with the ear cuff, but I really like it. I placed it near the side of my ear, stone down, and clipped each bit on, one by one. Not sure if that helps!

      You get 30 extra credits for getting a 3 month subscription, could be it? I had some too!

      I know what you mean about the value, I do think the products are usually expensive though. I think for 3 months it’s worth a go. With the code, it’s like using Groupon I suppose.

      Okay I just wrote a whole new post here! Haha X

  • Oh yeah I think it was me haha! Yeah it’s quite good for a 3-month Groupon thing, I’m not continuing mine though xx

    • Haha! Have you had a second box? I’m not sure yet. On the one hand £10 isn’t much, but I don’t need constant subscription boxes. Gonna see how the last one goes. I didn’t find the choice all that different for my second xx

  • The jewellery looks super pretty!! I love trying new subscription boxes, not sure about the commitment of signing up for 3 months though which is a shame – I find the lifestyle ones 100% more fun than only beauty stuff ! Great post! xx

    • Yeah I’m thinking that. I have enough beauty products for now haha. I know, the commitment was an issue for me, but I figured I waste a tenner a month elsewhere so might as well try this! Queen Justification! Xx