How to Improve Your Blog: A list of free resources

After a discussion with fellow bloggers, it seems that most people would like to improve their knowledge of technology, websites and apps, particularly when it comes to their blog. This is a list of free resources that can help you learn more and make use of on your own blog.

You might already be using all or some of these, but it is a good starting place. Please comment with any other free resources that might be useful to anyone reading.

I have personally tried each one to make sure they are worth checking out.





Social Media

BufferGreat for scheduling tweets/Facebook posts, up to 10 scheduled posts. It also analyses posts once they’ve been shared to measure engagement. Free for one social network or $10 (about £7) a month to add more plus up to 100 scheduled posts. More on pricing here.

Hootsuite – Can also be used for scheduling, but also to follow streams. So you can easily follow a topic or hashtag that you’re interested in (great for Twitter chats). I found this a bit more complicated when I tried it years ago for work, but have just signed up again. It’s free for 3 accounts: pricing plan.

Facebook Pages Manager – A phone app that makes it really easy to share, post, respond on your Facebook page.

IFTTT – Stands for ‘If this, then that’. You set up your social networks on this, then choose or create a formula. For example, IF you post to Instagram, THEN it also shares to your Twitter page. Saves a lot of time sharing. You can set up your blog to automatically share to social network pages.

Canva – Easily create picture posts for sharing on social media. Templates for blog posts, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Easy to use with plenty of free choices.

Pablo – A bit like Canva, but easier to use. If you want pictures with quotes on, or blog post titles for sharing, this is a great, simple tool.


Creating Posts

– A free headline analyser that lets you test a few headlines and choose which is best based on a score. It gives tips on better headlines that will get your blog posts more clicks.

Stock Images – Shopify shared this list of all the best places to get stock images for free. It’s perfect for standard posts when you just need a standard picture to your post. There is such a range, and it means you don’t have to ninja around on Google trying to find ones you’re allowed to share.

Giphy – Wondering where everyone gets their gifs from? Probably here! You can search for a gif related to your post, save as you would save a picture and stick it in the post as you would a normal image.

Ubersuggest – A keyword planner that gives suggestions based on a word you input. For example, I put in ‘resources’ and it suggested ‘free resources’ as more likely to be searched. I definitely planned to make this free before that!




eHow – Lessons for beginners or those getting to grips with the rules of photography. The site includes videos to fully explain how to take great photos.

About Tech – The photography section has just about everything you need to improve your photography. From tips to contests to reviews, a great site for beginners

Photography Tutsplus – the list of all lists when it comes to photography. Rules, tips, facts, this will even help people who already know their stuff.



Editing Photos

Simply search your app platform.

Photoshop Express – works great on a tablet

Snapseed – Great for changing exposure

VSCO cam – great filters and all round editor

Instagram – plenty of filters and settings to play around with. Just screenshot the result and crop it if you don’t want to post to Instagram


Gimp – a good alternative to Photoshop, does everything you need, but for FREE! Need to download. – Windows only, wide variety of tools and special effects. Need to download.

Be Funky – Make photo collages, edit photos and design. Templates for flyers, infographics and more.

PicMonkey – As above, great all-rounder. This is a popular one for editing photos online.



Learn to Code

Having some basic coding knowledge is becoming much more necessary, even when using template sites for your blog or website.

Codeacademy – Great starting point for beginners. Tutorials and tasks keep you going.

Khan Academy – Great for learners. Community chats and help as well as further links. – Advertised as for ages 6-106. Easy enough for children to follow, but great for all learners.


Let me know if this helps!

Have anything to add? Stick it in the comments. I can edit the list too if necessary.

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  • I use IFTTT to bring my Instagram pix to my WordPress blog because there isn’t a native solution to it. Thanks for the ideas here.

    • Yeah, I’ve used it for that in the past, it’s really handy.

  • These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • No probs! Seems handy 🙂 X

  • If you would like to be informed about the latest or trending search terms, you can try my new keyword tool It comes with an optional notification service that will send you an email whenever new suggestions are found for the keyword you entered.

    • Sounds great, thanks!

  • Tina! This is so great! Thanks for all those tips! I had noooo idea. I’m definitely going to check these out! 🙂

    • No problem! Hope it helps 🙂 X

  • Excellent tool suggestions. I have blogged about tools as well for bloggers, and I have blogged about many of these. I just blogged about Buffer within the week. I will blogging about tools again soon. Maybe you can check out my blogging tips site.

    • Hi Janice. I’ll definitely have another look. I am Tina from Branded Value 🙂 recently written a guest post and so glad you’ve come across me here too!

      • Thank you for subscribing!

      • When I publish my post, if I use your ideas, I will link to you.

        • Oh great! Thank you 🙂

  • Awesome post!

    I haven’t head of IFTTT, it sounds like it will be a time saver so you don’t have to manually post to all of your social media accounts at once. I love it! I’ll definitely be checking it out.

    Actually I’ll be checking out a lot of these, I haven’t heard of most of them to be honest…

    Jordon @ Simply

    • Thanks! I’ve tried and tested every single one, so let me know if you have any questions. IFTTT is amazing! Definite time saver as one post goes everywhere at once xx

  • These all sound awesome, but I’m too lazy to actually check this coding ones. haha
    I use PicMonkey for my Twitter photos, downloaded Photo Editor for my blog photos and Photo Editor Pro on my phone (usually for Instagram as I rarely edit anything there). I also use Twitter Deck for scheduling some tweets 🙂

    • Oh thanks for the suggestions! I can’t get used to PicMonkey, but so many people love it. I have far too many editing apps on my phone now haha x

  • This is such a useful post!! I love the idea of the headline checker – something I’ve never though of! Thanks for sharing

    • Tina

      Thanks! Yeah, that’s one I always forget actually. I often come back to this list to remind myself 🙂