My Favourite Apps

Smartphones have become an essential everyday tool, especially for bloggers. From apps to social media to good old fashioned phone calls, my mobile is my go-to for everything!


Everyday Essentials


Some essential apps for me are:

Social media apps.

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Facebook Page Manager/Pinterest – shall I go on? If you use social media every day, these apps are so handy!

This one is a little obvious, but worth mentioning, as I wouldn’t be anywhere near as active or responsive online without these apps.


WordPress   iOS | Android


You should be able to find your blogging platform in app form.
With this, I can upload pictures to a post easily from my phone and create a quick draft when I think of something. I’ll keep adding little snippets that I think of and then usually edit it fully on the computer. I have posted whole posts from my mobile with this app though and it worked great!

It’s also great for looking through other blogs via the reader.


Bloglovin   iOS | Android

This one took me far too long to download. A great reader and easy place to follow new blogs. I haven’t used it enough to fully tell you what it can do, but the reader is excellent and makes it easy to follow the blogs I love.
Definite must for anyone who loves reading blogs!



Depop   iOS | Android

icon175x175.pngI have a whole post of love for this app coming soon! Imagine if eBay and Instagram had a baby….this is Depop. It’s a place where you can have you own little online shop to sell clothes, accessories, home items. You can also follow people and buy theirs. It’s basically like Instagram, but you get to buy the things you like! Amazing. People usually try to style their pictures a little bit too. (Okay, some people!) I’m here: Tina’s Depop  – buy my stuff!



images.jpgThis is a pre-installed app on iOS, but I’m sure there are plenty of equivalents for Android.

I have tried so many note apps, but have deleted them all and gone back to the plain old , no frills ‘Notes’ one. It’s easy to jot down quick reminders, ideas, lists. You can also add photos or use the ‘pens’.
The notes are in order of being written, but you can arrange them into folders. I currently have part of a blog post, a list of films to watch, my friend’s new address and more.


 iOS | Android

unnamed.pngThis is a great and simple photo editing app. I only recently started using this and plan to overhaul my Instagram using it. Lighter photos with better exposure and clearer backgrounds are no longer a myth to me!




 iOS | Android

icon175x175.jpegNo longer second guess products! I always look for reviews of new products, mostly looking at blogs, but with this app, you can follow fellow users and learn from their experience. A quick post or longer review can sum up the product making your choice easier. You can also post your own reviews or pictures of products you’re trying, find new products and see their likes and reviews before getting taken directly to the store (without leaving the app completely – like Pinterest) to buy. I’m a little bit in love!


Imgur  iOS | Android

If I like a website enough, I’ll definitely check out an app they bring out. I love Imgur for scrolling through funny or interesting picture posts.  This app makes scrolling through a little bit easier and I get to save my favourites. If you haven’t heard of this website, go and look! Especially if you like dry humour and cringe-worthy pictures. It’s a lunchtime filler favourite for me!


Do you use these, or know of any great apps that I should be using? Let me know!

Tina x

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