Poundland Makeup Haul 2016

That’s right! I thought I’d try out the £1 makeup on offer at Poundland and tell you guys all about the results. And guess what…I’m so impressed!


Firstly, I really like the packaging, it’s black and sleek, with the Make Up Gallery branding. I like the little slogans on each product too, such as ‘Feeling blush’ on the blusher. I think this makes the products look much more expensive than they are.

The eyeshadow is matte and long lasting. It’s now my go-to shadow! The eyebrow pencils are some of the best I’ve used with great colours. They’re the only ones I’ve managed a natural look with.

The foundation is good too, it goes on easily and spreads well, but has low to medium coverage. It’s a back up to my normal one just because the colouring is better for me. I have worn it a few times though and usually keep in my bag or the car for when I’m rushing. Which is often!

The blush is great as it’s not shimmery. I really hate glitter cheeks! It’s a good colour too. It stays on the whole day!

I found the pressed powder fine, but I prefer loose powder. The mascara isn’t up to much really, but alright for everyday use, and better than none. It didn’t clump or feel heavy so is great for work or daytime looks. I found the eyeliner too hard for me, but I prefer a felt style one anyway. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it just didn’t seem to show up. For £1, it’s worth trying yourself though.

I used a few other things that are lost in  a bag somewhere! The concealer is okay texture-wise, but it didn’t do too much for me. But then not much does for these eyes!

The lipstick is a no-go in my opinion. It slipped off straight away! I reapplied only for it to happen again. Determined to give it my best go, I didn’t eat or drink anything for a while and put a top coat on, but half an hour later it was still coming off my lips. Great for putting pout marks everywhere though!
That’s gone to the bin! It’s a shame because I loved the colour. The lipliner, however, was fine. I don’t find any lipliner a life changer, so I can’t really judge that too well.

I have also tried a beauty blender style sponge from there which worked great, and numerous nail polishes that are brilliant. They go on really easily, no streaks and don’t chip  too quickly.

If out and about and needing a touch up, I would definitely pop into Poundland and grab what you need there.

You get a great natural look using this make up, but I think you’d have to layer up for a heavier look.

I couldn’t believe how good it was, and the whole lot in the picture only cost me £8! You can get a whole new make up set for about £12 – crazy cheap!

They also sell  a lot of branded makeup in some stores, which is brilliant for trying new things or getting discontinued stock. 

Have you tried Poundland makeup?