Restaurant Review: My Thai, Leeds

I met my friend in town the other night for dinner. She’d chosen My Thai, a little Thai restaurant that was hidden away down some steps in York Place, Leeds.
There is also a My Thai near the Merrion Centre and it is part of a small chain by the looks of it. There are a few Thai restaurants in Leeds, but it was nice to go somewhere that seemed so authentic and less chain-like.

I’m not really into Thai food, and usually only like the odd thing on the menu. Too many peanuts and too many sweet and sour meals for me. However, my friend likes My Thai and I can usually trust her judgment (we eat out a lot!) so I thought I’d give it a go.

We got there on time for the early bird special menu (5-7pm), which meant it was only £15 for a starter, main meal and a drink. Bargain!

I had the Crispy Prawn starter. They tasted really good with the sweet chilli dip, but I always want more than 3 prawns! I loved the presentation of the meal, the plates were really quirky and stylish, and the salad with flower set the whole thing off. It seemed really authentic.

Sorry for the dark pictures – I didn’t want to be the person with a camera flashing all night in a small restaurant!

I had the Massamum curry for the main, which was supposed to have whole peanuts in it, but I requested to have it without. This always causes a panic in restaurants! I’m not allergic, just don’t like the taste. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like the curry, but I really did. It was completely different to anything I’d usually get. I had it with egg fried rice, which was cooked well and went well with the meal. It was really heavy and filling though, so I don’t think I could eat that kind of food too often.

I was surprised that we were only allowed an hour at our table, but it was plenty of time.It seemed a bit of a quick turn around, but there was time to drink, chat and eat so it was fine.

It’s a really small place, one room, with a few tables. The lighting is quite dim, as you can see from the pictures. I think it would be an ideal place for a date, as it’s a bit private, but you’d have to make plans for when your hour is up!

The tables were constantly full so I’d definitely book ahead.

They also seemed to have some interesting drinks, but I only had wine. There was a party of about ten people, and they had beer served in the actual dispenser which seemed fun.


The staff were lovely and I’d definitely visit again, but I’d like to try one of the signature dishes such as duck or pork belly next time.

Do you like Thai food?  Have you been to My Thai? What did you think?