Have Zara missed the point? Zara’s ‘Ungendered’ Fashion Line

A few days ago, Zara brought out a clothing line under the category ‘ungendered’. The gender-less clothes are loungewear and comfortable, everyday pieces.


You’d think this was a move in the direction that some people want. But of course that’s not how it went!

Instead, outraged people have taken to Twitter to insult the mainstream brand that has made a conscious move to please potential customers. If it was me putting out the line, I’d just think ‘why bother?’. People will constantly find something wrong. The move is not bold enough, the clothes are too boring. Maybe they’re taking small steps and will launch more exciting pieces soon? Whatever you may think about this line, the fact is, its supposedly a new concept and Zara is a business. The move needs to make sense on a business level as well as a customer level.

If they brought a load of skirts in for men, I’m not sure I know many who would jump at the chance to have them. Also, this is just the loungewear collection. How exciting is the usual loungewear in stores and what am I missing out on?

My boyfriend and I wear each others lounge clothes and I’m actually wearing one of his t-shirts in work today (he doesn’t know that yet!). He also steals my t-shirts and accuses me of wearing his jeans even though they’re definitely mine. However, he doesn’t wear my dresses, they’re just not for him.


I think we’re forgetting that there’s more to it than just who wears what. There is a reason fashion for each gender has evolved throughout the years and it’s not just misogyny or gender binary.

People have different bodies, and prefer to wear something that was created for their specific body type. That’s why plus-size women often have different clothing to petite women, and why I personally choose to buy women’s clothing over men’s (most of the time). If you are gender-less, or not sure where you fit in, it seems like it would be best to go for what you feel most comfortable in.

I don’t like wearing men’s jeans because there’s too much room in the front and I find them uncomfortable. Also, my bum is definitely bigger than my boyfriends! I’d also find it difficult wearing a man’s vest as men generally (not all, I understand that) have wider shoulders and less breast. Men often don’t feel comfortable in women’s clothing, as there’s not enough room for them.


I understand that a skirt could be added to the range, and I’m sure it will be soon, but again, I think personal preference for a lot of men is to keep themselves comfortable and not freely hang about in a skirt. I’m not explaining that bit any further so hope you get it!

The main thing bothering me about the people complaining is that the idea of having to have the line at all makes no sense. If you want gender-less clothing, go and buy a ‘woman’s’ skirt or any other clothing and make it so?

By having a unisex line, you are still acknowledging separate genders. I don’t blame Zara for this, but the customers. I never see a T-shirt and think ‘oh no, I can’t have that, it’s in the men’s section’. I pick it up, buy it and wear it without even having to tell people that I’m wearing men’s clothing. I don’t care where it comes from if I like it. I like and buy men’s jumpers as they’re usually a bit wider and more cosy. I don’t need to be told it has no gender. Clothing itself doesn’t have one.

I understand that dresses are possibly harder for men to wear as they are often designed with the female body in mind. But skirts, they’re free and easy and anybody can put one on. The people pushing for skirts…go and buy one!

Why is it Zara’s responsibility to help you with your shopping? They’re tackling something head on and being mocked for it.

Even though it’s great that companies are thinking about how they can change the future of fashion, I can’t help but think it’s just a re-branding of the word unisex, which is already a section in a lot of stores.

A lot of people are saying that Zara’s line consists of masculine styles and I’d agree to some extent. But if you are a person claiming that gender doesn’t matter, how come it does when it comes to clothing? The clothes are too masculine? Put them on, wear them, now they’re less masculine. Or just buy more feminine clothes elsewhere. The sales will soon show them there needs to be more of a change.

There are different body shapes and styles and that’s what you should be dressing to. Anything that you feel comfortable in. You don’t need a store to bring out a skirt especially for you because you don’t associate with a particular gender or your perceived gender; there are lots of skirts out there already that are waiting to be purchased.

No, Zara haven’t made the boldest move with their clothing, but they did make one and that should count for something. I think it’s great that people can see how things can be worn by anyone and that’s a good move forward. I think the best move would be to just pull out any labels that say ‘ladies’ or ‘mens’ on clothing. But wait…most don’t have that.

What do you think?

Please know that this blog is a place where discussion is open and respectful, and I always like to see things from another person’s perspective.