Tina’s Tried & Tested Tuesday Tips #1

Like the mouthful that is my title? 🙂

Every Tuesday, no matter what, I’ll be bringing you a tip. It can be fashion, work, tea-making related. It can be anything, but it will be a tip! I will only post tips that I have personally tested. I know what it’s like to read them and not believe them. If you have anything you’d like me to include or try, let me know!
I’ll mention anyone else who gives the tips!

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Today’s tip:
If you have any cheap or high street jewellery that turns you a lovely shade of green, coat it with clear nail polish, such as a top coat.


I’ve heard this a lot over the years but never tested it. I did it and wore a River Island ring that usually causes an embarrassing mark. It lasted a whole day, including washing hands, etc. I only coated the inside, and do think I will need to re-coat at times, but it lasted 12 hours easily and was still fine the next day!

Let me know if it helps and if you like, you can check out my other tips here: Tuesday Tips

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