Leeds Fashion Festival – Trinity Fashion Show

I was meeting a friend in town on Saturday, and as I walked through Trinity Leeds shopping centre,  I came across a fashion show. How amazing!

It was great to watch and had been set up right in the middle of the shopping centre, with great music, DJs and photographers. Crowds stood around as models showcased the latest looks from the high street stores in Trinity. I always like seeing how a look is put together from one store, as never quite manage it and end up with mixed items from all over.


I was only there from about 3-3.30pm. After standing on an upper floor trying to see what was going on, I went in for a closer look.

The first  walk I caught was for Mango, and then Superdry, Warehouse, Oasis and Adidas.

Some not so great pictures ahead, I didn’t want to stand out with my phone pictures and flash, next to actual awesome photographers! I’m sure you can find their pictures online by now though.

I’ve never been sure how I feel about lingerie-style outerwear, but I did like the Mango vintage style dress and think it could be accessorised to make it easier to pull off. The off-shoulder white dress is a brave statement and I really liked the length.






I really liked this denim and suede combo from Oasis.


This was my favourite dress, I love the anchor print and nautical style.


One thing I saw a lot of was cropped trousers. On me, I’m pretty sure they’d be full length! I’m not keen, but its good to see something different. They remind me of 80’s fashionistas and I definitely think they’re going to be big.

I love this shirt!



The sports looks from Adidas:


I’m so glad I stumbled across this. I’m sure I’ve heard of it on Twitter or Instagram, but still didn’t realise it was on. My favourite looks were definitely from Oasis, which is odd as I never really shop there due to never finding anything. I’ll definitely be checking more often now.

Did you go? Or have you managed to catch an event at a local shopping centre/mall lately? It makes it much more fun!



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  • I’m so gutted that I wasn’t in Leeds while this was on and missed it, but you’ve got some great shots! It looks like you had a great time, even if you were only there for a short time. I am in love with that statement off the shoulder dress in white!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    • Yeah, it felt like longer than half an hour, I seemed to catch quite a bit of it. I know! It’s so different, but know that I couldn’t pull it off. Also, I would never trust myself in that much white! haha 🙂 I also feel I need some more suede in my life now! x

  • What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a fashion show! I would have been chuffed too! Oasis has to be my favourite but also liking sports looks from adidas. Thanks so much for taking photos and sharing. Awesome post! 🙂

    • Thanks! Was a bit worried as the pictures are so ‘phone pic’ haha, but I wasn’t exactly prepared. It was a great thing to come across.
      I always love Oasis looks and their window displays but never find anything I want, I must try harder! 🙂

  • What a cool thing to stumble upon! I love when shopping centres and stores put together little fashion shows, it really helps shoppers to be able to see what is available at various stores, and to see what it actually looks like on a person rather than on a hanger. I don’t really get the lingerie as clothes thing either, it’s one of thost ’90s things that just seem out of place to me always. Oh well!


    • I agree, the lingerie thing is almost too much of a risk strategy rather than actual fashion. It was a great stop in my day! And yes, so much better seeing the clothes on people and as part of outfits. Sometimes on their own, items just don’t stand out to me 🙂

    • P.S. I’ve added your blog to my reading list for tonight 🙂