St. David’s Day

Happy St. David’s Day! / Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

 This is to the Welsh kids still being made to dress up, one day you’ll miss it!

On the 1st March every year, Welsh people come together to celebrate our patron saint, but most of all, our country!

There is something about St. David’s Day that fills me and my fellow Welsh people with pride. Each year I buy daffodils, send greetings over social media and generally bang on about being from Wales! Even though where I’m from is more English than Welsh, we were still made to dance to folk songs, sing Welsh songs and our National Anthem in halls full of parents, and dress up as either Welsh Ladies or Rugby Boys.

This happened every single year of the Infants schools and later progressed to just wearing a rugby shirt and a daffodil or leek.

Actually, my friend dug out a picture not too long ago of our costumes!

< It’s me! The happiest little Welsh lady you ever did see:

The best St. David’s Days are the days when 6 nations Wales matches coincide with the day of our patron saint. I have no idea how many times that has happened, but know it has at least once and it was amazing! A day of celebration in the whole town, pubs making cawl ready for the match, everyone in good spirits and non-Welsh people joining in purely for the celebrations!

4 years ago, I was in  Aberystwyth, the Welshest place I’ve ever lived. My friends and I decided to buy some hats and get our Welsh on, on a night out. We were a bunch of very drunk Welsh Ladies and it was incredible. Such a lovely memory with great friends and a reminder of home.

I really do miss it being a bigger deal. It’s not a holiday, but should be! Although, I wouldn’t get to take the day off either way and it’d be pretty boring in England.
I think schools do a great job of keeping tradition and wish I could dress like a Welsh lady every year! Maybe I’ll start doing it for work!

If you’re actually interested in this special day, there’s loads of information here: