Restaurant Review: Fazenda, Leeds

The day before my birthday, my friend and I went for a lovely lunch at Fazenda, Leeds as part of my celebrations.

Fazenda is a restaurant that is quite like a classy all-you-can-eat. You choose your salad and vegetables from an island in the middle of the room, then once seated, waiters and waitresses come round with large joints of meat and separate pieces on skewers. They slice off or take off a piece of meat at the table. You have a card with green on one side and red on the other; green for ‘more meat please’ and red for ‘no meat…yet’. It’s so hard to say no to more even with a full plate! To be honest, my red card wasn’t taken much notice of so I had to learn some self control!

I’m not sure why I felt the need to completely fill my plate with salad. You are allowed to go for more. I had a sip of my light white wine and waited for the meat to arrive.


Once the meat started coming to us, we were in our element. I’m pretty sure I ate every type of meat there, and there’s a big selection! From different cuts of steak, to minted lamb and sausages, there was a really great choice and something for every meat lover. It was all perfectly cooked, I couldn’t fault anything (which is unusual for me!).


After we’d filled up on food, and we’d really filled up, we took a break from eating and chatted for a while. I told my friend I had a secret (the secret being this blog so nothing too major), but before I could make it seem less dramatic, a cake with a sparkler arrived for me! I’ve never had anything like this in a restaurant and my friend had arranged it before I got there. It was so sweet! Also, the cake was chocolate with chocolate orange filling and soo tasty. It was really rich, but not too rich. I’d go back just for that!


After the initial panic of some giant secret coming out, my friend ordered dessert too. I think it was a chocolate fudge cake, but can’t quite remember. This is how it arrived!

It looked so great, and tasted really nice. I’ve never seen dessert presented as a plant before, and the novelty was not lost on us. Instagram and Facebook can attest to that. Loved it!

Altogether, the meal was fab and I had a really great birthday lunch. I would definitely recommend going there for a special occasion.

It seems quite expensive, but when you think about how much you get for your money, it isn’t that bad.

For the lunch time menu, it is £19.50 on weekends. The evening menu has more selection for £29.50.
Desserts are about £6-8.
Drinks do build up the bill, but the wine was lovely and definitely worth it. It was £7-8 for a large glass of wine.
Our bill came to about £80 altogether and I definitely didn’t need to eat again!

If you do decide to go, definitely book in advance – you can do this on their website. I’ve tried once or twice to pop in and there’s no chance. It’s always busy, but a great atmosphere and you get plenty of space so it doesn’t feel overcrowded. The staff are lovely and on hand for anything you need too.

I’ll definitely be going more often. I’d say this is the best place I have eaten in Leeds so far. I’m definitely willing to try out a few more places though! Any suggestions?