Cheap and Crafty Home Decor with Paper

I thought I’d show you some uses of my paper craft books. I just used them again to create little pockets for my pinboard and thought it would be a great time to show you what else I’ve done.

I love my books of card, all from TK Maxx (I always see them so it’s worth looking). One is by Me and My Big Ideas and the other two from Michaels.

I use them a lot and they always look great. Here are a few I can see at the moment:

Paperchase glass frame with paper. This is really cute and fit perfectly. I don’t usually like quotes online etc but I think having a few about the house is nice.

I put some over a cleaned Smash tub for a big brush holder. I just bent it though! I’ll use something stronger soon.

I wanted the little jar to match so stuck some paper inside it. Close up they’re not great but they match everything and look good. If I didn’t mention it, I doubt people would look or notice.

A quote in a frame that’s pretty perfect for my bedside cabinet. Also yes that is a Bombay Sapphire bottle. It’s too pretty to throw away and reminds me of a party I had.
Currently drinking green gunk ­čśë

And tonight, I made some pockets for my pinboard to keep it nice and tidy. I’ve shown how I went about it in this post: Card pockets on a pinboard

It’s pretty simple and made it loads better!

I’m always up for new ideas if you have any, and am up for more difficult makes, but I thought I’d show you a few easy and cheap ideas!

Especially great if you don’t like spending a fortune on home decor only to change your colour scheme a month later! Also, my photo frame is from TK Maxx, but you can get some great ones in the likes of Poundland and Home Bargains.

Let me know if you’ve updated anything with paper ­čÖé