Card pockets on a pinboard

I always use my cork pinboard, but it gets so full as I just pin paper after paper to it. It’s usually pretty disorganised as there never seems to be enough room. I thought I’d give it a little makeover.

I’ve been trying to sort a desk space out lately, and while I’m not quite there yet, it looks a lot better than it did! I still want to declutter it even more and add some little decs and pictures in the area, but first it all needed tidying.

There’s much more underneath! Also I’m not weird, I kept the Superdry label as needed to find something similar! But it is a cool label!

I thought about how to gain space on the board and decided to make quick little pockets.
I love my books of card, and have a post to show some of the things I’ve had it for here: Paper Home Decor.

This is really simple, but while I was looking just to check how others did theirs, there weren’t many posts, so I thought I’d make one.

This is a quick post, so no fancy pictures and I was sat on the floor on my stripey rug!
First up, material!

I used:

Patterned Card

Washi Tape


Measuring Tape – although just winged it in the end. (Impatient!)

I began measuring as thought I would have 3 matching pockets but just folded it in any way in the end.
I got the first sheet, cut it and folded in three.

I then folded it together (I wanted extra strength and didn’t trust just a two fold with tape.) I then folded the bottom over a bit and taped the sides with washi tape.
It looked a bit rubbish so I just covered the whole thing!

Then I got a different piece. I think this would look great if it all matched, but I can never choose themes so went for all different patterns.
You can see how I folded it, and cut a slit in one side.


I folded the pieces back and had a double pocket! One for larger items like letters and tickets (those are definitely Nelly tickets btw! Eek!)

I made another, then just used a pin to stick them to the board. You could get all fancy about this, but that’s not my style! I get bored easily so I didn’t  want to stick them down and then change how I want the board and have to rip them off.

Anyway…I’ve justified my laziness now.

Here’s the finished board!

I added some little pegs and odd little snippets. Also I love that little home plaque 🙂

I have this small monthly view calendar so will keep anything important at an easy glance for when I’m working at the desk.

Not a giant makeover, but I love it! What do you think?


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