15 facts about me

I thought I’d do a little ‘get to know me’ post. I always like learning about others, so thought I’d share some little oddities about myself.

I can’t promise they’ll be interesting, but hey, here they are:

1. I have an irrational fear of ketchup. It used to be more serious and I’m slowly getting used to it a bit. Slowly.

2. Even though I hate ketchup, I love tomatoes and sauces made with them.

3. I’m scared of climbing down ladders but will go up them to any height. I just feel like the way I move on the way down will make my knees hit it and I’ll fall.

4. I have extreme arachnophobia that I’m trying to get over. I think I’m managing a little bit. Probably not.

(Sounding like such a wuss right now!)

5. I have one pupil bigger than the other. O_o

6. I am an intelligent bimbo. I say some really dumb things but am actually pretty clever ( if I do say so myself!) I just don’t think before I speak sometimes.

6. I’m 29 and have only just stopped being asked for ID. I’m gutted! I hope someone asks soon!

7. The only pet I’ve had that is all mine was a crayfish called Skittles. (Named because a skittles advert was on when I was thinking of a name). As he got bigger I got a bit scared of his spider-like legs!

8. I have a long term boyfriend of 6 years but people often think I’m single (because I have other things to talk about?) I definitely don’t purposely put across that I am.

9. I accidentally collect mugs. Many, many mugs.

(These are just a few that I’ve posted on here before!)

10. I come from Wales and lived there until I was 24, but can’t speak Welsh (only the odd bit) and don’t sound it.

11. I feel like I’ve got my life together when I wear matching socks, but hardly ever do.

12. I dye my hair light blonde (at home), but it’s dark blonde really. ‘Mousey’ apparently, I hate that description! The first time it went canary yellow and I had to wear a hat all day until I managed to save it!

13. My favourite programmes are lame American sitcoms, most of which have very little ‘com’.

14. My music taste is really eclectic. I love all types from metal to pop to indie to punk rock.

15. I have bright blue eyes and people always ask if I have coloured contacts in when I’m not wearing glasses.



Tina x



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  • Oh, I *love* posts like this!

    I have a phobia of baked beans. The struggle is real!

    • Haha, really?! it’s so difficult! Ketchup was a hard one growing up as it was always on the table. It’s strange how these things come about. I’m not keen on beans, but it’s not a fear. Although love tinned spaghetti? Haha X

  • I’m turning 29 this year and still get asked for my ID, I’m really hoping to hold onto this for as long as possible, it’s always so funny when people realise how old I really am, nobody ever believes me and I once (very recently) got accused of using my ‘older sisters’ ID to buy gin! I don’t even have an older sister and had to produce several credit cards with my name on before they would serve me!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Haha brilliant! I got accused of using my sisters too! She’s younger than me haha. It hasn’t full stopped but lately its been less so. I’ve either aged or it’s because I’m buying sophisticated alcohol :p I’ll go with the latter! I might try and buy a Smirnoff ice and see if they still check me 🙂

  • Great post! I’m 24 and still get ID’d!! A year or so ago I got asked for ID to buy an 18 DVD…so not cool!! 🙂
    Amy x