15 facts about me

I thought I’d do a little ‘get to know me’ post. I always like learning about others, so thought I’d share some little oddities about myself as I probably wouldn’t share them naturally in my posts. I’ve chosen 15 facts about me that I believe are a bit interesting. You can decide that though!

15 acts about me

1. I have an irrational fear of ketchup. It used to be more serious and I’m slowly getting used to it. Slowly.

2. Even though I hate ketchup, I love tomatoes and sauces made with them.

3. I’m scared of climbing down ladders but will go up them to any height. I just feel like the way I move on the way down will make my knees hit it and I’ll fall.

4. I have extreme arachnophobia that I’m trying to get over. I think I’m managing a little bit. Probably not.

(Sounding like such a wuss right now!)

5. I have one pupil bigger than the other. O_o

6. I am an intelligent bimbo. I say some really dumb things but am actually pretty clever. I just don’t think before I speak sometimes.

6. I’m 29 and have only just stopped being asked for ID. I’m gutted! I hope someone asks soon!

7. The only pet I’ve had that is all mine was a crayfish called Skittles. (Named because a skittles advert was on when I was thinking of a name). As he got bigger I got a bit scared of his spider-like legs!

8. I have a long term boyfriend of 6 years but people often think I’m single (because I have other things to talk about?) I definitely don’t purposely put across that I am.

9. I accidentally collect mugs. Many, many mugs.

(These are just a few that I’ve posted on here before!)

10. I come from Wales and lived there until I was 24, but can’t speak Welsh (aside from the the odd bit) and don’t sound it.

11. I feel like I’ve got my life together when I wear matching socks, but hardly ever do.

12. I dye my hair light blonde (at home), but it’s dark blonde really. ‘Mousey’ apparently – I hate that description. The first time I dyed it, it went canary yellow and I had to wear a hat all day until I managed to save it!

13. My favourite programmes are lame American sitcoms, most of which have very little ‘com’.

14. My music taste is really eclectic. I love all types from heavy metal to pop to indie to punk rock.

15. I have bright blue eyes and people always ask if I have coloured contacts in when I’m not wearing glasses.