Twitter Chat #latenightbloggers No.1

Last night we had the first #latenightbloggers Twitter chat. I thought the first one was worth mentioning here, especially to those unable to make it or who didn’t know about it due to my poor timing and marketing skills!

There were only a few of us, which was expected for the first week. To be honest, I was a bit worried for a while that nobody would join at all and I’d end up looking really lonely! Luckily, as always, some fellow bloggers stepped in and made it great!

It was really fun chatting to some other bloggers on a more personal level and although I have joined other chats before, I felt like the timing was perfect (for myself at least) as I’m always busy earlier in the evening.

It’s the first chat I’ve hosted and let me tell you, it’s hard work! I loved it, but I’m not sure how people do it when they have hundreds of people involved! I loved being able to respond to everybody and have a proper conversation, but not sure that would be so manageable with more.

It was a bit of a getting to know each other chat for the first one and was great to learn about others. The questions asked were about peoples blogging beginnings and how it has changed them. It’s really interesting to hear everybody’s stories.

Somehow it got sidetracked into microwaving tea – have you ever done it?!

Last night’s chat was mostly about blogging, but others will include non-blogging questions, so anyone can join us for a late night chat.

Thanks to the people who joined in for a really fun chat! I’m looking forward to next week – Wednesdays 9-10pm (UK time)! Hopefully I’l remember to use the hashtag in every tweet next time! Haha.
The theme next week will be: When I Grow Up 🙂

If you’d like to host one week, please let me know here or in an email or on Twitter – anywhere! If you’ve never hosted before but always wanted to try, this is a new chat so probably a bit more manageable if you want to give it a go.

Tina x