February Christmas Gift Haul!

Because I’m timely, that’s why! Just going through my blog drafts and saw this little one! It took ages getting all of my stuff together so it’s getting posted!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while (see, I was already late!). However, my life is full and busy (I sit on the sofa a lot and forget about blog posts I have started).

I didn’t want to just not post my gifts, as I had some really awesome stuff that you really must know about!

Here’s what I got for Christmas 2015:

Giani 8 in 1 Cooker

slow cooker
Such an adult gift – I’m getting the hang of this adulting now that I’m near 30!
An 8 in 1 cooker. I really wanted to try some slow cooker recipes and it has a fryer! I have never had a fryer and I’m so excited to make some chips and breaded mushrooms! Yes, I have specific plans for this beauty.

So far I’ve made a nice casserole, an entire roast dinner and a goulash in it. I’m so impressed it can do so much! I feel like I might as well just through everything else in the kitchen away!
I’m scared to leave it on while I’m not in the house though so I haven’t fully used it as a slow cooker. I started and got impatient! I need an evening of nothing to try it out.

Babyliss Curl Pods


I really wanted one of these after someone I know told me she used it for her hair and it only took minutes. Her hair looked great so I had a look at some YouTube videos and checked out the reviews. It seemed to work pretty well for some people. I was determined to be one of those people. I’m going to write a full review post for this (will link in an edit) as one paragraph is not worthy! Hint: Incredible!



I absolutely love Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream! I had a 50ml bottle last year and used it all up (something I never manage to do!) so this year I was given a 100ml – might last a little longer. It’s a really fresh scent that I wear almost every day. I also received a River Island perfume that is soo nice! I love their London one, but had never tried this one. It’s Paris By Night and is a perfect perfume for nights out.

Gift sets


Obviously, I had loads of gift sets. Everyone does, right? I unboxed them all before pictures (to travel home easier) so it’s a bit of dull photo. They’re not all here as some are being used, but I had some really lovely gift sets and always love getting these for Christmas as I’ll just buy myself boring bathroom stuff. It’s nice to have new things to try. I also love being given the basics so that I don’t have to remember to get them!

Home Decor


I love little bits and pieces around the house. They make it seem so homely. However, apart from hundreds of candles, I never really buy anything to decorate the place. My mum picked up these little bits for me and they’re perfect. Small enough to not take up too much space, yet they stand out and make it seem like I actually made an effort with the place! I love the home one, as I live so far from what I would usually call home now.

Extra bits

My mum and sister always gets me cute extra bits that add to my opening fun! I don’t know where that massager is from (likely a cheap stocking filler type gift), but my sister gave it to me with a little bubble bath pamper kit and it’s actually amazing! I always try these things thinking I’m going to persuade my boyfriend to give me a massage! It’s really easy and feels much nicer than any others I’ve tried.

I love hot chocolate, jumper mugs and tiny whisks. I’m sure I’ve had them in the past, but moving makes me lose things so I’m so happy I have them again. Does everyone have dedicated mugs for certain drinks or is that just me? This is my new hot chocolate mug!

The last picture is of something that my Mum thought was a little extra silly gift, but I played with it for ages and it now lives on my desk! It’s magnetic balls on a platform. My boyfriend was jealous and kept stealing it!

The wine and chocs -obviously I love! The wine was actually nice, which I never expect of gift sets (you know, being a wine connoisseur and all!).

I also had 2 pairs of slippers, and lots of other smaller gifts! I can’t even remember, but I was very spoilt and sat for ages opening things!

FullSizeRender (1)



I’d say chocolate was a close second to tea in my life. And seeing as I named my blog after my love of tea, its pretty up there! I got a few chocolate gifts, not all pictured as most definitely eaten! I had a tub of Cadbury’s Heroes too (finally threw away the ones I don’t like).
I saved the Milk Tray, but not for very long – they were delicious!



I’m very much a costume jewellery (No America I am not spelling it wrong! Spellcheck lines all over the place!) kind of person, and change it every single day so it’s always a nice surprise. The Avon Christmas tree earring set is really cute and means I have ALL the colours!

The matching necklace and earring set is really sweet and different as I tend not to buy more sparkly jewellery for myself. I’ll definitely be wearing them when I want to feel a bit more glitzy.

The pearl bracelet is a gift from my cousin. It’s really sweet and has a little heart on it!
She also got me a lovely mug and candle – all my favourite things!

FullSizeRender (2)

Personalised Photo Frame


This is one of my favourite gifts! It’s so sweet and thoughtful and I’m going to put my favourite little people in it. I may have mentioned I love personalised things? At the bottom it says my Niece and Nephew’s names. I had a new nephew earlier in the year so this is a really nice gift from the both of them.

Mindy Kaling Book and Calligraphy Set


While shopping for others, I kept coming across things I liked, so for the first time I made an Amazon wishlist. This feature is amazing! It was an easy place to direct people for ideas. I didn’t make it as a gift list, more a list of things to buy myself, but if they wanted ideas, I sent them here!

I only had a few things on it as started it mid-December (standard), but these two were there. I love Mindy Kaling and think she’s really talented so I wanted to read a bit more about her. I read that this was a light-hearted, easy read, which is just what I need sometimes. It was exactly that, and I really like it. It’s not really in depth about her own story, but more behind the scenes look at her current life and work.

I’ve wanted to learn how to do calligraphy for a while. I tried a bit when really young, but it was very basic. This calligraphy set from Amazon had the best reviews so I thought I’d try it. It’s an excellent set! I’ve only tried it a few times and am already getting the hang of it. It has 3 different calligraphy styles, comes with everything you need to get started, and is great for beginners. If anybody wants to know the link, let me know and I’ll find it.

I feel like I’ve missed a fair few gifts off this, as I came back with absolutely loads to sort out, as did my boyfriend. Luckily for me, nobody who bought one will read it 😉

I hope you enjoyed my very late, but very necessary post. If I call it a gift guide for the late-20s female, will that make it better?

Tina x