Poundland Shopping Haul! February 2016

I think anyone who doesn’t pop into Poundland now and then is seriously missing out! I live and work by one, so I pop in sometimes to see what’s new or grab some snacks, etc.

Some of the absolute bargains I’ve picked up in this place make me keep going back for more.

This time, I have picked up a few things that will make you wish you’d gone in. I don’t know what will still be in stores, or if these items are in all stores, but this is what I bought.

Note: Most of this is stuff I actually wanted and have been looking at online. Even better! Also, it’s my most girly Poundland shop ever! Not even my usual replacement phone charger!


Spray bottle

I’ve needed a spray bottle for ages, but it’s one of those things I forget to pick up. I want to make my own hair product (I’m super fun like that) and also I want one to put in a peppermint and water mix to deter spiders!

Nail Drying Spray

This claims to dry your nails in one minute. That’s a bit far fetched – or so you’d think. Ever the wise person, I decided to try it just before going out on Saturday night! I quickly slapped on some nail polish on one hand and sprayed it. It was actually dry to the touch, not even tacky within about a minute. I probably left it to more like almost 2 to be honest, but only because I was busy painting my other hand and toenails quickly before checking. I sprayed all over and sat in a frog like position on the floor! Honestly within 2 minutes I was fine to put shoes and jacket on (no mess!) and out the door! I cannot believe how good this is. It does have a strong smell. The smell followed me to the car so I’d suggest using it in a well ventilated area.


Foundation Sponge

I’ve been using my usual sponge blender a fair bit, but find it gets a bit messy. This one on a stick is good, but I feel I have more control with sponges and the normal blenders. That might just be me being rubbish, so I’d try it out for £1!

Revlon Eyelashes.

I never use false eyelashes, but I’d rally like to give them a go. I don’t want to pay out a lot in case I still suck at using them. Revlon is a brand that I can trust and my eyes have enough trouble without sticking bad products to them. I haven’t tried yet, so can’t really comment, but branded eyelashes for a quid is a bargain either way! These ones are really subtle too which is what I’d like.

Make Up Storage

I really want to keep my make up in view so I actually use it all before buying more. I have just found out I own a ridiculous amount of unused make up and decided to take action! I also think I’m more likely to make an effort with myself if its sitting in front ofme and not hiding in a drawer somewhere.

I bought a bigger storage block from Home Bargains for £5 during the Christmas holidays. (Ooh they’re still THERE!) These ones I wanted for my nail polish as it was all in one big box together. I had no idea what I owned and had to tip it out to choose a colour.

I’ve filled these and put them in a drawer to keep them hidden and the room looking tidy, but it’s so easy to look at them now. I arranged them into pastels, darker colours, special effects, etc. (Oh yeah….check me out!)



Important note: OPI nail polishes DO NOT fit! Which is a little devastating to be honest as I have a few. Mostly though, I have Nails Inc polishes (loads!) and they are perfectly sized for it.

It could be used for lipstick or other small products too. I bought about 6 of these – so handy!


Nail Art Tools

I keep looking at nail art tutorials and not buying the tools! I want to play. I tried doing a design for about 2 hours one night and gave up. These are needed. Also, they have a great marble print – a bit darker than the usual subtle marble products. I can’t wait to try these out.


Craft Punch and LCD cleaner kit.

I buy craft items pretty regularly, so I was bound to come out with something. I finally have a small heart punch! I have a large one already, but in Hobbycraft and similar places, they’re much more than £1 (I still love Hobbycraft with all my heart!)

I also noticed recently how grubby my overused laptop was getting. Seriously, do not look in between the keys in detail. (I’m sorry if you just did that). This set is actually amazing. My screen is shiny and like new, and my keys are way cleaner. I got bored, so need to do it again! It felt fun for a while using the little fan brush though, like a miniature sweeping brush.



Finally, I bought this book, ‘In My Shoes’ by Tamara Mellon. I thought it might be an interesting fashion read.


It all came to about £14, and I love everything I got!

Do you ever go to pound shops? Have you had any bargains lately?

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