A Bird Died Today and It Affected My Life!

Dramatic title, I know! But seriously, here’s a little story (excuse the terrible zoomed in phone pictures):

Yesterday, I found out that a bird of prey had been lurking in the warehouse at work. I’m fascinated by these big birds and ran out to see it. However, I was a bit sad that it didn’t know how to get out (or didn’t want to) and was up so high, there was no chance of us getting near it to get it back outside. Not that we would be able to do anything considering the speed it moves.

I called up the RSPB to get some advice on how to help it find it’s way outside. Annoyingly, the phone rang for ages and after a while, the line gives you an option to leave a message or it hangs up on you. What about the birds?! I find it hard to believe there are loads of people calling about birds at the same time, but I could be wrong.

I managed to get through to a bird rescue place, who told me it would go out on its own and there’s not much I can do. Keep doors open, lights on so no dark corners to hide in, and possibly raw meat near the door. Then it’s just a waiting game.
But, being in work, there is only so long we could wait before having to lock it in for the second night. I don’t have keys to the place and it might not have left even if I did spend my evening holed up in work.

My colleague and I tried to keep it moving around and lure it towards the door with raw meat. It mocked our efforts, flew around a bit then perched again.

My main concern was getting it out before it died, as living in a warehouse with all that dust and dirt and without food can’t be good for anything. However, I was told on the phone that they could go days without eating and it would probably be fine.

I think it was a Sparrowhawk. I was told it probably was on the phone and it looks like one in my pictures.

This morning, as soon as I got into work, I went looking for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, and then…there it was…curled up lifeless on the floor.

I realise this was a long story about a bird in a room, but it was a sad reminder that life is so precious. One day it was spreading its wings and flying around, and the next its life was over. It freaked me out. So I thought I’d let it freak you out too.

Thanks for reading. Clearly storytelling is not my thing! Make the most of your day and all that!

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