Personalised Phone Case by GoCustomized

I got the iPhone 6s when it first came out and decided on the new Rose Gold colour. I bought a clear case in order to look at my lovely new phone in all it’s glory. However, after a  while I got a little bored of my transparent case, it was starting to look worn and I kept seeing lovely cases everywhere. However, I found it hard to find something truly me and didn’t want the same as everybody else.

I was really happy to hear from GoCustomized introducing me to their website, where you can design your own personalised phone cases or use a pre-made design.


Their website has a simple layout and they cater for most phones and even iPads and tablets. You can also buy sleeves for phones and tablets so there’s plenty of options.

Once on the website, you simply choose your phone or tablet, and it will take you to the options. Once you have decided which type of case you’d like, full wrap, wooden, and so on, you will be taken to the design page.

Something that I think it great is that you can log in and choose your Facebook or Instagram pictures. Not everyone uses their PC for pictures now so it’s an easy way to bring up your favourite photos.

You can upload a picture, photo, or your own design, or you can choose one of the designs readily available. They have a really cute selection! You can also choose a different colour for the background.

Then you can input text and choose a font and colour, meaning the case will be really unique.


GoCustomized design page


I went for the wooden effect as it’s a bit different and I’ve always liked the look of them, but as everything in my life, I wanted it to be colourful. With purple being my favourite colour it seemed so very me to have a purple background. I wanted a little more oomph so I uploaded my own background that is like a purple galaxy style.

I also LOVE personalised items so really wanted my name on there. I tried to design one with my name a few times, but couldn’t get it to look right – just because I’m fussy! I wanted it to be bolder so decided upon using my initial instead.

Behold my beautiful, bold phone case all full of Tina-ness!


I absolutely love it! I think people I have shown it to think it’s a bit loud, but as I’m so quiet, something has to do the shouting for me! They’re definitely impressed with the quality though, which was mentioned by every person.

It took about 3 days to arrive, much before the 5-7 days advised.

I put it straight on my phone! I’m really happy with the quality and fit. It has rubber sides which is great for grip. The fit is snug and definitely protects my phone from my clumsiness. In hindsight, I should have blown up the picture I was using to make sure the quality was good enough, but I really like how it came out.

I held off writing my review for a couple of weeks as I wanted to get some good use out of it first and make sure it was hard wearing – I don’t want to tell you something is great for it to break the next day!

Here’s what my phone goes through in a typical week:

– Bouncing around in my bag, because apparently I’m incapable of using pockets.
– Surviving a very dusty workplace and warehouse
– Being dropped multiple times (why can’t I hold anything properly?!)
– Grease, steam and food as I often take it into the kitchen to use for recipes.
– Far too much use to be healthy
– Taking photos on a night out, amongst smoke and drink and drunk people.

The phone case is still in immaculate, perfect condition and shows no sign of wearing anytime soon. I’m confident this will last a long time despite my recklessness!

It’s the perfect accessory as I carry my phone everywhere. I’m not sure why I haven’t bought better cases before.


I would definitely purchase another phone case from GoCustomized. At £19.95 it seemed expensive at first, but compared with the quality of ones around £10, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, shipping is free!

I think I’d like one with my blog name on at some point and I’d also like just a patterned one.

Make your iPhone case HERE for a great personalised, unique product that you can carry around everywhere.

What do you think?


Disclaimer: I was gifted this case to review, but as always my opinions are my own and completely honest.