My Planner: Collins Paris Fashion Organiser (Teal)

I’ve been on the lookout for a planner for a while – to pretend I am an organised person!
After much consideration (seriously, a lot!), I decided to go for the Collins Paris Personal Organiser by Collins Debden Ltd.
It had everything I wanted, was the right size and colour (very important!). I ordered it online as I knew it would be of high quality due to using other Collins products.

When it came back, I instantly loved it. My first impressions were that the quality was excellent, it had loads of sections and pockets and the colour was exactly what I wanted. It is a bit chunkier than I imagined, but it has so much in it I’m not surprised. It’s small enough to fit in most of my bags easily, but I like to keep it at the desk usually.



I’m really pleased with the amount of pockets as I like to keep post its in it for quick notes or reminders, as well as some paperclips (I love these balloon ones – £1 for 4!) in case I want to attach a receipt or something.

I have mini post its and some strip ones that I bought from Amazon. They’re really handy, especially when I have a plan that might need to be moved (like a blog post). The strips also make the pages look a bit brighter. I plan on using washi tape and stickers to decorate the pages too.

I bought the insert shown, which is a small zipper pocket to keep things in. The vase picture is actually a really great business card for some local pottery. Because I’m old and totally into pottery now. The work was beautiful and I wanted to keep the details, just in case! The picture goes really well with this so that probably subconsciously made me put it there!


I also bought a meal planner insert set as I really want to start planning my meals and my week properly. I’ve done it for short periods before and it saves so much time and money.


The organiser comes with plenty of inserts though, which I’m going to list. I want to show you all of them and everything the organiser has to offer. I know the struggle of finding out everything you need to when thinking about getting one.

The first insert is a card holder, which is especially handy for work. I have stuffed a few random ones in at the moment: a picture I wanted to keep safe for my niece, a business card for my friend’s jewellery store on Etsy (which you can see HERE), and an old screenwriting business card from my uni course. I found it the other day and don’t need it in my purse, but want to keep it!



The organiser has 5 dividers: Diary, Meetings, To Do, Finances, Address Book. I have covered my dividers in washi tape for now and will probably redecorate soon. This is what they look like before any meddling.


On the back of each divider, there is some useful information, such as metric conversions.



The first section is the diary. It’s week-to-view which is perfect for me as I want to see everything at a glance. Plus my life isn’t so crazy that I can’t fit my plans and appointments into a space. There’s plenty of room in each weekday one. However, I do wish there was a bit more space on the weekends as that’s when I have a lot more going on. Most diaries seem to be the same as I always have this trouble.

The organiser comes with a handy plastic ruler that clips in and out of the binder (you don’t have to open it, just flex it out). It marks today’s page and is great to have with you on the go or at the desk.


The next section is meetings. I don’t actually have many meetings, and don’t use this for work, but I am sure this is really useful for a lot of people. So far, I have used mine for collaborations I’m doing to keep the company contacts and ideas and discussions about blog posts.


To do lists are my favourite! I mean, I never finish them, but I need them in order to organise and get things done. This is a really great addition to the organiser and I feel so accomplished ticking one of those boxes! (I know someone out there understands this feeling!)


My bills are all very regular, so I’m using the finance section to keep track of any money left after them rather than my actual monthly outgoings. I bought this in December, so probably the worst month to assess my finances! It’s good to see where it goes though.


Every diary needs a notes section. I constantly take notes about everything. Products I hear about and want to check out, a blog post I’ve thought of, something I’ve been told to watch.

There’s also A-Z address sheets at the back (not pictured).


There’s a pocket at the back for a notepad to slide into, but I don’t have one yet. I used a small one I found in WH Smiths for a bit, but have seen ones that actually fit on the Collins website now. It’s ridiculously hard to find them, even in places that sell personal planners and organisers! I’d say your best bet is definitely online.

There’s also a pen holder attached. I couldn’t decide on a pen for a while, but was given this Paperchase Parkano one for my birthday and it’s perfect.


Overall, I’m really happy with this! I can’t believe it’s at least £15 less than other similar organisers and it has so much more included with it. It’s easy to buy inserts to personalise it a bit and has handy pockets for little bits of stationery. The quality is superb and the stitching and leather feel make is seem really luxurious. I definitely believe it will last years and plan to keep refilling it every year.
I adore the colour! And to top it off, I’m actually using it and feeling a little bit more organised!

I’d like to personalise it a bit more with some stickers and a planner charm, so if you know any great UK sellers (or anyone who can send to the UK), let me know!

Let me know what you think or if you’re currently deciding on one.



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  • I find it interesting in the digital age how many people are relying upon “analog” solutions like this to organize their lives. Perhaps people need to be more tactile and visual to keep track of their lives.

    • That’s an interesting point.
      I use my phone for appointments and birthdays, but find physically writing something helps me remember it more easily. I also like seeing a week at a glance which I can’t really do on my phone, and can’t carry around my computer.
      I have a feeling it will change more over time, but guess I grew up writing and still like doing so.
      I certainly need to be visual in order to keep things together so maybe it is that. Thanks for the comment, it’s made me think about this differently.

  • This is a really cute planner! I love the colour and the material/stitching as well. I can’t believe how many useful bits are in it, super unexpected when it’s that small and convenient 😉 I also love that you’re customising it, that will really make you feel like it’s yours and keep you using it through the year 🙂

    I’m not really one for using a planner. The only things I really plan are blog posts, but I prefer to put that on Google Docs. For me, a planner would be a waste of paper. I wish I could be a person who used on, though!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • Thanks! I was surprised at how much there is in such a small file. Ha well I tried using my phone and pc to be organised, but think I need to see things written down in front of me. Also if I can personalise it I think it might make me remember to organise and plan a bit more. I have loads of notebooks and hand write everything. Just old school! Haha X

  • This is so cool, I wanted a Midori planner last year but I didn’t end up getting it. But seeing a Midori like planner and how other people use it is so cool! And I totally agree with you, writing down things makes my life 10x easier, just something about seeing your entire week on a page that makes life a bit less hectic!

    • Thank you! I love reading similar posts so thought it was my duty! Also I couldn’t find much info on this one.

      I just looked it up haha! They look awesome!
      Exactly, I like seeing it and knowing what’s going on in my life, because my brain sure has no idea! 🙂