Transform Your Entire Bedroom Look Without Spending Too Much!

I’m one of those people that constantly wants to change my bedroom, swap the theme and have a total revamp. But doing this too often can prove expensive! I love the idea of giving my room a bit of an update without going overboard and spending too much money.

That is why I was happy to talk to Alice, and to host my first guest post on the blog. Alice is a blogger for Yorkshire Linen, so I know she knows what she’s talking about. For professional tips on how to give your bedroom a boost, look no further!

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Your bedroom is the room in which you spend the most time, and feel the most secure. It is a fact that even the most beautifully decorated bedroom can quickly begin to feel stale and taken-for-granted. One solution is to redecorate often, but this is an expensive and time-consuming process. Here are some cheaper ways to refresh and transform your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Light It Up

If you rely only on an overhead light, try switching the bulb for a softer one, and add pools of layered light into your room by adding lamps and sconces. Installing wall mountings might be on the expensive side, but are well worth it, while lamps can often be purchased very cheaply. It does not take much extra light to add warmth and welcome to a tired bedroom. John Cullen Lighting is a helpful source for all sorts of budgets.

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Bed Ahead With The Right Bed Linens!

A quick and economical way to drastically change the colour scheme in your bedroom is by simply experimenting with bed linens. You can often buy curtains that match your duvet set: this is a good way to harmonise your room, but it is not strictly necessary if money is tight. For example if your bedroom is baby pink and leaf green, you can add dramatic flair by opting for a navy blue bedding set & bed linens, giving the décor impact and intensity in one simple move. Yorkshire Linen is my all-time-favourite brand for picking the right bed linens at low prices.


Magic Paintbrush

If you cannot afford badly needed bedroom furniture, why not revamp your existing pieces with a gallon or two of good-quality, silk-effect paint? Because you will only need a relatively small amount of paint, it is worth buying very good quality paint to ensure that your furniture looks the best that it can after its new lease of life. Purists may want to disassemble – or partially disassemble, at least – their furniture in order to give the paint job a professional finish, but it is best to leave it intact unless you a) have some DIY experience or b) are prepared to scrap the furniture in the worse-case scenario!

Bedroom Furniture

Cushion the Blow

Finally, cushions! Cushions are vital to any décor scheme, adding softness, comfort and vital pops of colour to every room in the home. Invest in cushions with removable covers and then you can quickly – and, more importantly, cheaply! – reinvent your colour scheme by mixing and matching loose covers that can be purchased at flea markets, shops or even made at home if you are feeling creative!


So you see, a little investment of time and money can refresh and brighten your bedroom, creating a blissful haven to which you can retreat after a long, busy day!

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