Beauty Review: Kiko Milano Lip Scrub

I looove me a lip product!

After trying to buy a Kiko Milano lip scrub for about 8 months, I have finally managed to get one! They were always sold out and I gave up for a bit.

You might have seen my previous post about my struggle here!

I ended up with the Lush lip scrub for a while and it’s amazing, but I still wanted to try the Kiko one.


It claims to exfoliate lips leaving them smooth and guess what…it really does!
It’s not often a product lives up to claims so I feel the need to share the truth!

I didn’t think it would be anywhere near as good as the Lush scrub, but it’s brilliant!

I get really dry lips. They drive me mad and are my biggest beauty problem.

The first use wasn’t great, it just felt a bit like a bad lip balm, but after a few uses, it’s great. The exfoliating bead bits were hiding at first.

There’s no sugary taste like the Lush lip scrub, but maybe that’s a good thing as it means it actually remains on my lips.

It’s only £5.95, whereas the Lush scrub is £5.99, so price wise there’s not much difference. It’s more in the use. 

I use the Lush scrub at home – as I mentioned before it can be a little messy and a tub isn’t the easiest when it comes to on-the-go application.  The Kiko one now lives in my bag and I use it before applying lip balm for lovely soft lips.