Lazy Bloggers: The accidental guide to lazy blogging

This probably isn’t the best platform to have a rant about this on. But, at the same time, I bet there are plenty of fellow bloggers who agree. I started writing this after seeing a series of no-effort posts, and have accidentally written a guide for lazy bloggers!

My posts may not be perfect, and I might just write a load of rubbish (I mean, I think it’s all brilliant, but whatever), but I can guarantee that care and time went into each and every post on here. I research a topic before discussing it, I browse websites for hours before carefully picking outfit ideas, I spend time taking and editing pictures. I then write my post before checking it over a few times and making sure everything is correct. Obviously then comes the marketing, SEO, and more. 

I’m sure a lot of you reading this can relate and even add to this. Each post really can take ages to plan and write properly. Most bloggers know this. So it can be really frustrating when your carefully crafted post is ignored in favour of a quick easy post that requires no effort.

You know the ones I mean…

The posts where one one product is pulled from a website with its photo and has a link next to it with a few words such as ‘Nice stripey top for summer days’. It may well be a nice top, and people may well click that link. But wouldn’t it be nice if instead of just reaping the rewards of sharing the top, the blogger showed us what it was like on, or what they liked about it. Oh no wait, that would mean spending time and money rather than making it off you. Most of the time, the blogger will have no intention of  owning that item. They likely don’t care what it is they’ve shared as long as it hits the quota for the day.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to own everything you talk about and don’t need loads of detail for each and every item you post, but when that’s all you post, you’re hardly creating content.

the guide to lazy blogging

Other lazy blogger habits:

1. Posting a picture of loads of cool items in one big gallery, but with NO DETAILS!

What the hell? I’ve come to your blog, I’ve seen your lazy picture post and for once I’m interested. Yet there’s nowhere to go! You were just showing off some products you’ve seen somewhere. No details, no links, yet it’s pretty cool stuff so you gained a bunch of likes anyway. And that’s all that matters when you need a hit count for your PR posts.

These people basically just google imaged ‘monochrome accessories’ or something similar and saved the pictures. Then posted them. Great! Some inspiration posts are cool, but if that’s all you post, it’s frustrating.

For example:

I spent ages putting together this Orange is the New Black post:

It wasn’t seen, and that’s okay. It’s far from a perfect post and the layout was restricting me a fair bit. But when I realise I could have just posted a picture like this and have loads of people enjoy my content, it is a little disheartening:


2. Ignoring followers and comments.

I realise that when you get to thousands of followers, it might be difficult to keep track of comments and the like. But if you care about your followers, you will surely try. Especially if you only have one comment on your post.
If you only have a couple of hundred followers, get a  grip and lose that self importance! The amount of times I see comments ignored or shunned is really sad.

Taylor Swift manages, you can too!


3. A series of quotes.

Ooh an email about a new post! *opens*


How original! I’ve never seen one of these before.

I have followed some people as they had one good post a while ago and I was looking forward to seeing what else they wrote. Turns out they just copy and paste a motivational or inspiring quote with a background of something majestic like a sunset. Every. Single. Day!

At least make it yourself!

I’m not sure, but I think I might have just written a guide on how to be a lazy blogger! Do you agree  with this post or find it too harsh?