Make your iPhone less bright at night.

Here is a little trick that not many iPhone users seem to know about.

It’s easier than it seems.

If you’re fed up of scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and so on in bed whilst being blinded, this is how to make your screen less bright.

There is the usual screen brightness setting, which can be found when pulling up the menu from the bottom on the screen:

To use this you just use the slider and choose how bright you’d like your screen to be.

iphone turn down screen brightness
iphone turn down screen brightness
However, even when it is at the lowest setting, it can still be too bright in the dark.

Here is how to make it even lower than with the usual settings. This will change your bedtime browsing life!

1. Go to settings.

iphone turn down brightness settings

2. Go to General then Accessibility.
iphone turn down brightness settings  iphone turn down brightness settings
3. Click on Zoom and turn zoom on.

iphone turn down brightness settings
4. Tap 3 fingers 3 times. Do this quite fast.

You will be shown the accessibility and zoom options.

Select Choose Filter. Then click Low Light.

iphone turn down brightness settings

You should have a dimmer screen.You can still use the basic pull up setting with this, but it will stay dim.

To turn it off, just tap 3 times again, choose filter ‘none’.

I hope this helps!


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