Flats in a Pocket! 

A little late to the club, but I bought some foldable flats! I’ve always wanted to try them, but they never seem to actually fold that much, and some are expensive compared to normal ones. I see them as disposable as I’m not sure how well a shoe that folds will last.

I found these black shoes at Home Bargains of all places, for only £2.99!

Definitely worth a try for that. 

They have them in sizes like slippers: small, medium and large.

They also come with a little carry bag, which is handy. They were a bit softer and more floppy than I expected.

They felt slipper like, barely there, but probably better than getting dirty feet while out! And I’m sure they’ll be welcome after wearing heels all night.

They’re really soft so every bit of my foot could be seen. Again, the above reasons beat any negatives! (Excuse the faded henna lines!)

 Lumpy toes:

I’m a size 5, and these are the medium 5-6. They fit comfortable but there is some wriggle room so I’m sure they’re true to size. As for the folding, these fold and roll much smaller than others I have seen. 

I could easily get these into a clutch bag! Teeny tiny shoes! I know I’ll be so excited when I whip these out of my bag when my feet start to hate me. 

I’ve put the shoes folded in half in the bag, and next to a nail polish for size reference.

I’d definitely recommend these, especially at the price! Home Bargains doesn’t have regular stock so I’d get some before they run out. Otherwise I’m sure there will be some at low prices online.

Have you ever tried them? 

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