My first professional massage.

Over the weekend, my friend treated me to my very first professional massage.

It was a back and Indian head massage. I am always moaning about back aches and love massages, and often get her to give me one so this was the perfect gift for me!

However, before going, I did feel a little bit weird about it. Going to a room in a shopping centre, getting semi naked and being rubbed with oil, while it might be relaxing, is slightly daunting. People kept mentioning that I would be laid on the floor, and how you just whip your clothes off, etc.

I don’t know about you, but while I am not really self conscious when it comes to my body, I don’t often ‘whip’ anything off in public or outside of my house. I am the wuss that changes in the toilets at the gym. I don’t know if its how I was brought up or if I am the one with a problem, but I’m always in awe of people who wonder around practically naked in public changing rooms. In Hungary, while going to the baths, I was met with far too many lady parts to be comfortable with and decided to awkwardly change under a towel instead!

Either way, I decided to embrace this experience and was sure that some level of professionalism would come into play. The masseuse was lovely and friendly, and as a first timer, she explained what would happen. She then left the room for me to get undressed – top half only, probably as much as my delicate, overly British lady-ness could handle!
She told me to put the towel over myself when undressed. I wrapped it around me and laid on the bed as instructed.

And so ensued the awkwardness that I was bound to create! I was supposed to put the towel on top of me, not around me, so that when I laid down it was easy to lift off. As I had wrapped it around myself – still easy to lift off on one side – she then had to try and pull it from under me, and while I lifted, I had to try and maintain my modesty at the same time, so it became a nightmare of trying to hold myself together while doing practically the downward dog on the bed.


Here’s what I noticed first: The room was clinical. I expected muted colours and softness, but it seemed to be just white walls and no real ambience.
I had to jump up onto a creaky folding bed that actually worried me for about the first five minutes of laying there, once the towel conundrum was sorted!

The masseuse started with my back. It was quite gentle, as I was a newbie so apparently it’s not sensible to just straight up cause me pain.
It was nice, and it was quite relaxing. Soft music was played and there was some aromatherapy oil burning. Keeping my eyes closed definitely helped me relax a bit.

There was a knot in my back that has been there for ages, and after a while, more pressure was put on in order to shift it. It felt good to finally have that area worked on properly, rather than nagging my boyfriend!

It was fine, and a nice enough experience, but I’m just not sure the soft approach is for me. It was a bit relaxing, but actually felt like effort to go and have it done.

After the back, it was time for the head massage. I was looking forward to this as find it really relaxing when people have a go. Oil was used to stop fingers getting caught. HOOOWEVER, there was so much oil! Danny from Grease had nothing on me!


I was left alone to get redressed and had to somehow fashion the greasiest, oiliest hair ever into a sort of bun that I could walk outside with. It didn’t work, I looked a mess. In Leeds city centre of all places. I certainly couldn’t go shopping and had to go straight home. On a bus. Urgh!

It was relaxing enough, but nothing major. I wasn’t feeling incredibly  relaxed and certainly wouldn’t want to walk around like that again, so I wouldn’t go for a head massage again.

I’m not sure how I feel about massages after my experience. The idea is nice, and I imagine on holiday, or in a nicer setting, surrounded by flowers and lovely things, it can be quite nice. Maybe I’m just uptight! I just don’t think I enjoyed it enough to go again at home. It was good, but not good enough to get me excited to go again.
It probably didn’t help that the masseuse was telling me about her job, etc! It just didn’t do much for me. My friend loves them! That’s why she encouraged me to go. I’d like to try a sports one (you know, because of all that sport I do) and see if I get more satisfaction from that.

And to be fair, my back is SO much better so it definitely was worth it!

Have you ever had one?  What did you think? Am I missing something?

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