Bonfire Night

I love bonfire night! Every year I get excited when I start hearing fireworks earlier than the dedicated day. I rush to the window when I hear the pops and bangs, trying to find out where they’re coming from!

Why do I love it so much?

I love the cosiness associated with a roaring fire, and a bonfire is an even bigger version! A cold November evening becomes warmer from the blaze of the flames.

I love the atmosphere and how excited everyone gets.

I also appreciate the amount of effort that goes into each display, even when it looks like they’re blowing up in all directions! Everyone works hard to create a great event, and I love seeing it all come together.

People come together to watch them, families, couples, friends. It’s a lovely night.

Also, fireworks are pretty dammit!

Last night, I put on my star covered t-shirt (Yes I am that sad!), donned some big trainers ready for the mucky field (no idea where my wellies have got to!) and got ready for my favourite evening out!

Excuse the wet hair, rain caught me! Check out my top!

Star top! (recently removed from depop!)

I went to the largest one in Leeds, Roundhay Park.

The fire was already lit when we got there and was huge!

It was unbelievably busy, but somehow it didn’t feel it. There was still plenty of personal space!

We walked around and checked out the food stalls. A hotdog is usually a must for me, but the queues were long and I wanted to get by the fire. It was nice walking around the field, however, it was so slippy! I had to grab my boyfriend and hold on for most of the walk!

I tried to take a picture of the crowds, but being one of the shortest people there, I struggled!

Radio Aire were blasting out some popular tunes. I mean blasting! Massive speakers! I can’t say I loved the music, but do think they chose well based on popularity, ¬†with the likes of ‘Let It (bloody) Go’.

The most fitting song was Adele’s ‘Skyfall’, used for the last part of the display. It was beautifully matched.

There was a lovely atmosphere and it was an enjoyable event. I’ll definitely be going again and would recommend it to anyone in the area who hasn’t been yet.

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