5 quick and healthy lunches

Fed up of having the same lunch every day? Or do you want to spend less each week? I have been trying to think of healthy lunches to have each day that also don’t cost me more than a McDonalds (aka temptation across the street).

It’s easy to go for the Pot Noodle or ready meal…which I definitely do! But I wonder why I do that, when I enjoy it so much more if I’ve made a proper lunch.

Here are some quick ideas, easy to prepare (especially if work has a microwave), and tasty! Not a pre-prepared sandwich in sight!

1. Jacket Potato and Vegetables.

I personally love sweet potato, and it’s definitely worth a try. You can buy steam bags from supermarkets, so you can steam vegetables in a bag in the microwave. You can buy pre-filled ones, but that means less options! I have had them with Mediterranean vegetables, broccoli and cheese. The options are endless! Of course, there’s always beans!

To make: Stab potato many times, try and do a few deep cuts with a knife or fork. Stick in microwave for approx. 6-8 mins (depending on size). Steam veg for approx. 4 mins. I pretty much make up the times, but eat when both are good and hot!

2. Grilled Chicken/Turkey Salad.

Pretty self explanatory. You can cook chicken breasts the night before, or you can cheat and buy pre-cooked from a supermarket if in a hurry, but it won’t be as good! Use a lemon or lime for dressing to keep it healthy. Also, add some boiled eggs – they’re filling and tasty.

To make: Season and grill chicken and hard boil eggs night before  – should take about 10 minutes to hard boil. You can make a few days worth of these. Throw awesome salad in a plastic tub. Mix it all up. Chicken can be re-heated, but be careful and only reheat once!Here’s mine from today:

FullSizeRender (1)

3. Soup.

It is possible to buy healthy soups in supermarkets. Try to look for ones with words you understand in the ingredients. Otherwise, make your own! It’s really easy and you can make loads and freeze it!

To make: Fry vegetables that need softening, add other veg, stock if you like, and simmer. Puree in a blender. It’s really easy and there are loads of recipes online. I will be putting up my own recipe for Carrot and Coriander soup soon.

4. Scrambled/ Poached/ Boiled eggs.

These can be done in the microwave, and again with endless options. You can add salad, steamed vegetables, plum tomatoes etc.

To make: Use a microwaveable egg poacher or boiler (available online at places like eBay). For scrambled, crack eggs into a jug, add a few drops of milk (any milk you like) and anything else you want in them, season. Microwave for about 6 minutes.


5. Chicken, Rice and Tomato Salsa.

This can be eaten cold, and is easily prepared at home. Tomato salsa is easy to prepare at home and is great for tipping over chicken and rice. Alternatively, cherry tomatoes in the microwave are incredible – put them in for 20 seconds and sprinkle with basil (nobody ever knows I’ve done them this way!)


To make: Season and grill chicken. Boil rice. Do both the night before. Add tomatoes. Simple! To make salsa: chop tomatoes, cucumber and onion into small pieces, with juice of lime. Add some tomato puree if preferred. Mix it all up – can be heated or eaten cold.

Don’t have a microwave in work? Firstly, tell them to get one!
Here are some extra ideas:

Cold turkey/Chicken Salad.
Lettuce wraps with filling of choice.
Pasta with tomato sauce and extras.
Boiled eggs.
Homemade salsa and dipping choices, such as cucumber, carrots, etc.
Chicken and avocado salad.

I hope this helps! Please give me ideas for healthy lunches as I am always needing more! What’s your favourite work lunch?