I’m famous now so there.

I had an old uni mate get hold of me the other day to tell me that I am now on IMDb!

I’m famous! I can do interviews if needed.


But really, I love that site! Even though I just helped make a short film in uni, and I’m not even sure how much I really helped, I thought it was pretty cool to have my name amongst the greats!
I also like to pretend I’m famous. Okay, not really. Okay, maybe.
Every time a store or barely known celebrity likes a picture of themselves on my Instagram, I post about it on Facebook because I’m a super cool adult who’s totally mates with them and not just fan-girling! (that’s a word now).

Anyway, congratulations, you are following an almost famous Producer.
No biggie…


Here is my empty, sad page in all it’s glory! Can I just say, I’m the third, what?!

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