Earn cashback while spending.

Okay, so I did a little bit of online shopping. Which always means a lot. I’ll stop lying now. I finally remembered that I earn cashback while shopping

I’m annoyed at myself because I completely forgot about cashback sites for a while there! I always use them for bigger purchases, and have had a fair bit back from them. For example, with a new phone contract, you can get up to £90 cashback! The most I’ve got is £60 for one of my purchases.


However, even though I like to think I’m a bit clever sometimes when using these, I always forget to use them for smaller purchases. Sometimes you can get a small percentage back, but with the amount of shopping I do, it would end up being quite a nice amount!

Sometimes, its all too easy to justify purchases you make, especially with online shopping as it’s so convenient, and there’s so much, you barely take the time to think about it.
Everyone loves a bargain, but what if you could get even more off your purchases every single time you shop? That’s what cashback sites do.

How does it work?

You log in to your cashback site account, and all you do is search for the shop you want and use the link – I’d be surprised if there are no deals for most well-known online shops. It takes you directly to the website and tracks your purchase. Then, when you’ve purchased and the store has confirmed it, they put a percentage/cash into your account!
It’s so easy, yet so many people don’t do it!

At the moment, there is 8.4% available at Dorothy Perkins at Top Cashback. I’ve recently purchased from there and just didn’t take advantage.

The ones I have used most successfully are:
Top Cashback – top earning site, voted the best always.
Quidco – you can also connect your card for in store shopping bonuses!

It’s definitely worth checking them out, all the little things add up. Plus, it’s great for justifying purchases and pretending there’s an extra bit of discount!

You usually have to earn £5-10 before you can withdraw your money, but that’s easily done! Also, I have a referral link for Quidco that gives you £10 to start!
Follow this link and you’ll get £10 when you open an account and use it: http://www.quidco.com/user/2437639/2097561/

I also have Cashback with my bank on purchases in selected stores. It’s only a small percentage, but if you grab a coffee, etc. often, then you can easily gain some money back. It would be worth checking to see if your bank offers something like this, as I have definitely earned from it. If you like their partners, you can even double the amount for a voucher instead!

I have more tips on how to save when online shopping in a previous post too so take a look here.

Do you know of any other cashback sites? Have you tried them?