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We’ve got a new pie restaurant in Leeds, Pie Minister, which is part of a chain. I’ve never been a massive pie fan, but only because I’m fussy about the filling. I find them a bit heavy usually too. I’m also wary of chain restaurants as don’t like to believe the hype.

I thought I’d try it, as at least it’s something new.


It’s quite a small place, but seemed steadily busy. We were seated as we walked in. The seating was a bit tight, I imagine a group would have trouble unless they bagged the big table. Also, to get to a seat on the big table (where we moved to as we were cold in the one opposite the open door) climbing or asking someone to move had to occur which is a bit awkward when they’re eating.

It has an exposed ceiling for the modern industrial theme that seems to be everywhere at the moment. The walls and floor had a nice wooden finish creating a more upmarket look. Also present were the usual ‘hipster’ quirks such as a tin with cutlery in, etc. A nice set up, but felt I’d seen it all before.

It has an open kitchen, which was needed for the staff to bring out the meals efficiently. However I’m never sure how I feel about being able to hear the chef shout orders. It didn’t affect my time there and the chef was actually a bit entertaining at times.


I ordered Chicken and Mushroom Pie, called Fungi Chicken (as ‘punny’ as that name is, I wish the word fungi wasn’t on menus!). And a side of roasted root vegetables.

There wasn’t a long wait, which was great! It came served in its own dish, with the vegetables on the side and some chicken gravy. The presentation was great for such a simple meal.

The pie looked awesome!

From a non pie lover, this changed my mind. I really liked it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was an incredible meal, but it was impressive. The chicken and mushroom filling was the right amount of creamy with big chunks of both. The casing was perfect. The only reason I don’t think it’s amazing is because…it’s a pie! In a pie place. There’s no room to go wrong there really.

Another thing that might be me being a bit picky. After a while I felt like my hands ached as I had to hold them in an awkward way due to the dish sides being so high. My boyfriend agreed. A plate with a lip would be better.

One thing I do love about it is you get an actual pie and not one of those silly pretend ours where it’s actually a pot of filling with a pastry lid!

I loved the vegetables, they were perfect and is go back for a bowl of those alone! It was a good serving of sweet potato and red onion, my favourites!

The gravy was lovely too, and not generic as my boyfriend had a different pie and different gravy. He also had skin on fries that were great. They came to us a bit cooler than we’d like though.

We didn’t have dessert, but I heard they come as sweet pies which is a fun idea.


It’s really good price-wise. It’s only cost £15 for the meals and we spent £10 on the drinks, which is pretty average in Leeds. It was definitely worth £7.50 per meal.

You can also get a takeaway, which costs £10 for 3 pies. It’s a good idea and all you do is heat them up. You can get bigger pies for cheaper in supermarkets but if you fancy something different, it’s a good offer.


It was a pretty good lunch and I’d definitely recommend trying it. It was good for a Sunday non-roast lunch while out. I’d go again, but it wouldn’t be my top choice. However, I have a friend who can’t get enough of the place so it’s down to personal preference.

It’s a great place for friends, couples of any age. I personally wouldn’t bring a child just because it’s small, but could hear a little cryer on the other side of the restaurant so it might be more roomy down there.

Has anyone else been? What did you think?

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  • I’m not a meat eater but I know my husband would be keen to try it if it were close to us. I do however love pastry…that’s with a capital LOVE so for me it would be the ideal place to pinch a little bit of pastry from the tops!

    • Haha! There are vegetarian ones too that look really good. I might try one if I go again. Should have mentioned that maybe! The pastry is always my favourite bit 🙂

      • I reckon I could eat a pie of pastry…may feel slightly bloated at the end mind!!!

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