Spiral Bobbles – no more hair kinks!

I’ve seen these spiral bobbles quite a bit lately, but wasn’t sure of the point of them. Either way, I saw 12 for £1 in Primark, so thought I might as well try them out.


They’re pieces of springy plastic cord joined to make a circle. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do and thought I’d break it if I used it like a normal bobble. However, they’re really strong and hold as normal. They call them invisible, and I’m sure they can be if you put a bit of effort in. However, I’ve used a black one to contrast with my hair and show you.

(Quick post and some bad pictures coming up!)

How to use Spiral Bobbles

You twist and use it just like you would with a normal bobble, and keep going until it’s tight.

spiral bobbles and invisibobble review show in hair
spiral bobbles and invisibobble review show in hair

I actually quite like the way they look, especially in the ponytail. They are much less visible than a normal bobble and hold hair more unevenly, meaning no annoying bobble kinks! I can confirm that you can’t even tell I had my hair up before, whereas usually I have the whole line through my hair disaster.

They don’t snag or pull, which is much better for your hair and means less split ends.

They’re waterproof too, so they’d be perfect after a shower to keep your hair out of the way without causing any damage. It also means they’re great for swimming or the beach.

What’s amazing about this is that it holds my hair much tighter than a normal elastic bobble, but it doesn’t feel it. Usually, after a while, my bun will start to slip out unless I’ve put real effort into it (I think the running theme here is that I don’t make an effort!), but this has been in for hours and not moved. The bun still feels tight and tidy.

I’ll definitely be using these mostly from now on. You can buy Invisibobble online for £3.75 for 3, or at Boots and other pharmacies, but I find the cheaper ones pretty great.

spiral bobbles and invisibobble review

Have you tried Invisibobble or spiral bobbles?