Saltaire Vintage Fair & Festival.

Last weekend (20th September) my friend and her Aunt invited me to the vintage fair in Saltaire in Bradford. I’ve never been to Saltaire and never say no to a vintage fair, so went along. We caught a train easily from Leeds, it only took about 20 minutes, was cheap and had some great scenery along the way.


It started at 9am and we were keen so I was up at 7am on a Sunday – argh! It was worth the trip just to see Saltaire. What a gorgeous village!

About Saltaire

Sir Titus Salt, an industrialist in the Yorkshire woollen industry employed architects to build homes and a village for the people working in his textile mills, as well as to be near the canal and railway.

By the way, the village name is made up of his name and the aire part is taken from the River Aire – how good is that?

As it was all built at the same time and was clearly well thought out, all of the buildings match and are built beautifully. The architecture is so impressive. As soon as we arrived, you could see pride in the locals, setting up their stalls for the day and cleaning outside of their shops. We didn’t realise the festival was on at first, so this was a great surprise!

I went about snapping a few pictures until we were able to go into Victoria Hall for the fair.

Victoria Hall
Leeds Liverpool Canal
Victoria Hall again! Vintage Fair!
These lions are huge!

The Fair

We went into the fair at 9am like pros! At first I thought it was small, but there was another huge room at the back of the building. The two rooms were full of stalls from different vintage shops and there was so much to look at!
I’ve been to loads of vintage and retro events, but this is the best one I’ve been to in terms of size and quality of goods. From homewares to clothing to furniture and old records, there was something for everyone.

There were a few things I would have loved, but have nowhere for – probably a good thing!

I came out feeling fairly successful though, having bought a silk shirt (I have a thing for these lately after getting my first at Leeds Festival), and some gorgeous jewellery. The jewellery was £5 and under for each piece, but I got all 3 pieces for a bargain £5!


This is me attempting to show my shirt without a mirror! I give up!

Not my best effort when it comes to a photo, but look at my gorgeous new shirt! It’s large, so hangs loosely over skinny jeans or can be tucked into a skirt – so versatile. Also, it looks great buttoned up or left undone.

Here are my amazing new items.


In love! I met some lovely sellers who all clearly loved what they do, which always makes shopping more fun.


I also bought something I would never usually bother with – jam! I was attracted to the pretty lights around the Hollywood Cocktails stall, which is part of The Lilac Cottage Range, and decided to give some a try. I’m usually very boring with my jam choices, but these guys introduced me to some great flavours. They use alcohol such as Masons Yorkshire Gin, and many others, and the flavours are amazing! They also do chutneys and said they will have hampers around Christmas, which will make great gifts! Plus, the lady making them, Shelly, gives out recipes on their facebook page in order to make use of the ends of jars, etc. so none will be wasted. I’m going to try some in Prosecco, as suggested.

I took home the Kir Royale Hollywood Cocktails jam, which is blackcurrant jam with Creme de Cassis and Lanson champagne. So tasty!


After the fair, we went for breakfast in the Victoria Tea Rooms, where I had my very first Polish breakfast: egg, smoked sausage and onion.


Saltaire Festival

We then took a walk around the festival, and I wish I wasn’t so full from the breakfast as there were loads of food vans selling great, quirky food like Ostrich burgers and delicious looking curries.

Instead, I fed my need to purchase at a little bag stall. It can be difficult getting items from market stalls, and the quality can sometimes be an issue, but I feel like each and every stall was carefully picked as everything was of high quality. The bags were beautiful and look really well made. I’ve been after a burgundy/wine colour bag for a while (Autumn colours!) and found the one below. It’s a bit different, which I like, and satchel-like with quite a bit of space – perfect!


I can’t wait for next year, I’ll definitely be going back for the festival! I only saw the start and it looked brilliant, with everybody in good spirits and enjoying the village. There is another vintage fair with some of the same stalls on 5th December that I’m sure I’ll be going to as well.

Has anybody else been, or thinking about going next time?