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      • winonadinampo says

        I can’t relate because as I’ve said in my post I don’t have any particular phobia, but as I’ve read your case I feel for you it’s seems quite hard living like that, in constant fear of the … u know what I mean. did you try to consult some experts on phobia? maybe they can help you. that’s all.

  1. Lizi's Life says

    I feel your pain for I too have an uncontrollable fear of spiders. I can do none of what people say you should do to get rid of them. One person told me brush them into a sweeping brush and take the brush outside…hell no, that means I have to get way to close.
    I remember a time, as a teenager, spotting a massive (we’re talking mega huge) on the wall in the living room. I sat in the kitchen staring for 2 hours at it until my gran came home to catch it. My theory, if I can see it, it can’t get me!

    • Tea Is For Tina says

      Ha yes! That’s what I always did. I hate when people say get glass and paper as if it’s that simple. To get them by myself it’s always a Hoover if I can.
      However, I have taken a huge step as couldn’t handle it if I lost them and managed to get closer and kill one. But I can’t even move its body!
      Because I saw 2 last night, I just dreamt of them too! Ahh! X

  2. angloswiss says

    oh, sorry, too late, you have already seen my photo of my spider, I have 200 other photos, but I will not be uploading them on my blog – yet. Since I sort of overcame my fear of them, I don’t worry so much. What I hate are fly babies and other insect babies – they make me squirm.

    • Tea Is For Tina says

      Haha! I’ll forgive this one. To be honest, I’m kind of okay with pictures after the initial shock. It might even help a bit to appreciate their beauty (assuming they have some!). Oh yes, I’m not a fan of anything like that really. But I’m a little braver with those.

  3. Cheeks says

    I’m totally with you, this is one of my biggest, crippling fears. Killing spiders is a no-no for me though, the idea of them being squished is so scary! Thankfully I don’t have as many problems now that I live in my current apartment, but when I had a tiny room filled with furniture back at my family home, it was a nightmare. I never felt safe with spiders creeping and preying in all the tiny spaces behind the furniture that wasn’t touching the walls. I do have a story that scarred me for life pretty much, but I’m going to spare you here 😀 Don’t think I’ll ever get over this phobia.

    • Tea Is For Tina says

      Oh no. Even though it’s comforting, I hate the fact that someone goes through the same thing.
      Ha thanks, don’t think I could have dealt with that tonight. Had an absolute freak out before bed!
      I hate squishing them too, but I can’t have them roaming around.
      I’ve never really had much of a problem with them in the past, this is my first ‘spider season’ in this flat and I have a feeling I’ll be looking elsewhere for next year!
      I’m determined to get better as it rules my life a bit. Have you tried anything to get past it? X

      • Cheeks says

        I really don’t understand why there has to be such a difference in how we perceive animals, like why do butterflies have to be universally beautiful, but spiders so terrifying to so many of us?
        Haha, I get paranoid every time after I think about that story. So it’s not like I love telling it anyway 😀
        I haven’t tried anything, at least nothing that would work. It’s one of those obstacles I just don’t know where to even start :O

        • Tea Is For Tina says

          I’m going to try building up from a tiny spider. I will learn to love it, pet it and play with it! Then…gradually, I will try to deal with bigger ones. Ha! We’ll see!
          I’m also going to try to work on anxiety related to it, that’s the worst part for me! We can do it!

    • Tina says

      It’s a real struggle, but some people don’t realise how bad it can be. I’m not glad you can relate, but glad you don’t feel alone.


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