Arachnophobia: My uncontrollable fear of spiders (no pictures)

Don’t worry, no pictures! I can never understand why posts telling you more about arachnophobia or how to get rid of spiders always have pictures of terrifying ones. We all know what spiders look like and if we’re searching how to get rid, chances are we don’t love them!

Anyone thinking of writing an article, do NOT include pictures.

This is something that is actually really personal, but I know some others will relate and need to know that they’re not crazy, or at least not alone.

My Arachnophobia

I’m going to attempt to explain my fear, but I’m not sure words are enough. Many people are afraid of spiders, it’s one of the most common fears in Europe. However, I do not have a general fear of these creatures, I have a full on, panic attack inducing phobia.

Even seeing the word can get to me sometimes, although I’m getting better. I know this is all ridiculous to anybody who doesn’t feel it. 

Some of the things that happen when I come across a spider:

  • Panic attack
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Freezing on the spot
  • Crying
  • Screaming
  • Jumping around like an idiot
  • Acting like a bitch (shouting for help and bossing my lovely spider catchers about)
  • Think about it for at least 2 hours afterwards – if its not taken away or killed then I won’t sleep, or will move rooms.

I’m sure there are more, and people will have different symptoms. Either way, I think you’re at the point of being able (able – as if its desirable) to call yourself an arachnophobe when you have the above symptoms, you’re letting it affect your life,  and you’re thinking about it and anxious when it’s not present.

I will absolutely not go to certain places due to spiders. Australia is out!

If I see a spider, I kill it on sight, and can’t even fathom keeping it alive and getting it outside. Impossible! And I’m sorry to spider lovers, but I really cannot express how much I wish I could let them run free.

Things I do because of spiders

  • I check my bed every single night.
  • I look around in rooms to make sure they’re ‘safe’.
  • I often (especially if a spider is lost in the house) shake out my clothes.
  • I check my shoes before putting them on – by putting my hands in, how does that make sense! I don’t want them on my hands!

My main motivation for cleaning and tidying is to minimise the risk of seeing one.

I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture. I come across as pretty normal most of the time, but this is not normal behaviour. It is irrational. And when it’s irrational, that’s when it becomes a phobia.

Where can people with arachnophobia find help?

There are loads of tips online but anyone with a fear as bad as mine wouldn’t be able to try them. I can’t spray spiders, or pick them up to put them outside no matter how large the cup/bucket is, there are mixed opinions on natural products like peppermint oil. Also, the posts to help have pictures!

I go through stages, but lately my anxiety has increased. I have come across some large spiders in my house and it only seems to be while I’m home alone! They’re out to get me!

I’m dreading the weekend as I’ll be on my own! This is how I think, I think ahead to times where there could be spiders. I have things to do tonight, but can’t do them as I can’t relax or get into a mindset to tackle any tasks as the last one I started resulted in spider number 2 of the night!

My house isn’t very cluttered or messy. It’s warm though so probably a nice little home for them.

I’d love to give tips on how to get rid of them, but unfortunately that’s not possible. They will always be creeping around. Instead, I want to try to find a way to conquer my phobia. I have been reading about working my way up from pictures to small spiders to large ones and am going to try. I only seem to get the giants though!

I have improved so much this week. I currently have one under a cup. I found it inside the cup! I’m surprised I didn’t smash it! I believe that’s fight or flight as it drove me mad for a week when I lost the last one. I would never normally be able to do that.

I’m really tired. I daren’t go to bed as have already seen 2 tonight and don’t trust there not to be a third. Also, one of them is alive under a cup and I don’t trust my boyfriend not to come in late and lose it!

I am currently sat with feet firmly up on sofa, eyes darting around the room. This has and can go on for many hours.

Here are some things that are not helpful to sufferers:

1. It’s more scared of you than you are of it.
Yeah, I don’t think so!

2. It’s gone now.
Nope, it’s in the house waiting to creep around again.

3. You’re being stupid. It’s just a spider.
I know it’s just a spider! I didn’t choose the wuss life, the wuss life chose me.

4. Just pick one up and you’ll get over it.
Are you actually insane?!

5. They eat insects. Imagine how many there’d be otherwise.
I can kill those myself thank you!

Are phobias silly?

I have described it as being like a mental health disorder, as the anxiety actually hinders my life daily. It gets laughed at! But it really is conditioning that gets it to this point. I believe when it’s this bad, it is learned and conditioned behaviour. Why is it we deal with and discuss other conditions of the mind, but phobias are laughable?

Has anyone tried to fob you off and act like you’re just being silly? Someone actually asked if I say it to be a cute, silly girl. I wish you could have seen my face at that moment.

Anyone else out there have a life absorbing phobia? Anybody managed to get help or get rid of the phobia?

If not, did you realise what arachnophobia or other phobias could be like?

Help me out, keep me awake!

P.s. Let’s try and keep any comments a spider story free zone. I need to try and sleep at some point!