Unusual ways to motivate your office staff.

I am not sure this would actually work for everyone or make anything better, but I’m sure it would work for me. If you are going to try some of these techniques, please employ me!

Here is a list for the employers, and solutions for employees:

1. Give them new stationery.
I just stocked up from the stationery pile and feel so motivated! I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to my stationery obsession. There’s something about a nice clean notebook that makes me want to organise and write lots!


2. Give them alcohol. 
Okay, hear me out! Not loads! But…when you’re working on something hard or you’re having a tough day at home, what do you do? You get a glass of calming wine, or a chilled beer. It helps you get the task done. One drink in the afternoon and your staff will think you’re super cool and get. stuff. done. Okay, maybe this one needs re-thinking.


3. Personal meetings.
Have a meeting once a week (maybe fortnight, I don’t know) as a group, and a quick chat with each member of staff to make sure they’re on track, see how you can help, etc. I know I get overwhelmed in work, and my bosses are brilliant and realise I have a lot on. I could easily go to them, but what good will ‘I have lots to do’ do for me, that bit’s obvious.


4. Let them decorate their office (within reason).

I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this, but nobody else has. It could do with a re-paint as well! Pretty offices or spaces that are a bit personal make it easier to sit there all day. You spend more waking hours in your office than home, so it should be an enjoyable place.


5. Coffee mornings.
20-30 minutes a week where the staff get to chat and hang out together. It’s hard to catch up with people, especially if you have separate offices, and it can feel a bit lonely sat all day on your own and not knowing people well.


6. Personalised cups.
I don’t know about your place, but here, people seem to get attached to cups. If I was a boss, I’d treat everyone to cups with their initials or name or something! Plus tea time becomes more special, surely?

7. Be human!
Ask for their opinions. Even if it’s not work related. Have little chats about random things. My bosses do this and talk to people on a personal level as well as work. It makes employees feel like they know their boss a bit more, and can make them a (little bit) less scared to come to you when they need to.


For the employees reading this and wishing I was their boss, here are some solutions to above:

1. Buy it yourself! 
With so many stationery stores, you’re bound to find something you like.

2. Do NOT bring your own drink!
But maybe look forward to one afterwards.

3. Write down what you want out of your job.
Make sure you’re managing it and progressing. If not, talk to your boss, they will understand. That’s their job.

4. Add little things to personalise your office.
Change your desktop background, bring in some desk accessories, or put something inspirational on your memo board.

5. Try and organise a night out.
Or while making tea for everyone (and becoming loved!), ask your colleagues how they are.

6. Bring your own.
How expensive is a cup you stingy people?!

7. Give your opinions and chat non stop to your boss. (Don’t actually do this!)
Just don’t worry so much, your boss is very busy so unless you have an issue, in which you should talk to them, just be polite and realise they don’t hate you because you don’t know their pet’s names and what they’re having for dinner.

So now that I’ve motivated everyone everywhere, I’m going to go and organise my own work in my not yet pretty office.

What unusual thing do you do to keep others or yourself motivated?

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