What I Did Last Summer: May 2015

One of my best friends from home came up for a weekend. We managed to squeeze in loads, but it was mainly spent wandering around town or catching up over a posh tea.


It was amazing to see her and have a proper catch up of more than a few hours. It’s also great showing somebody around, it helps me appreciate it a bit more. I love my boyfriend being able to get to know my friends better too, and it’s much more difficult with the ones from home as he doesn’t get enough of a chance. This visit made me so excited for her wedding in June!

A few things we came across:


Awesome artwork near the train station in Leeds.


Very talented magician. Even us cynical ones were amazed.


An interesting sight.


I love this place too much.

I also finally used my sewing machine and practiced by making a cushion (of course!) It’s much easier than I imagined, and now I want to make ALL the things!


First use of sewing machine!

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