What I Did Last Summer: August 2015

The first weekend of the month, we took a trip to town, and ended up at the Pride event going on. I’m disappointed I didn’t see more happening really, but found these funny:

IMG_0562 IMG_0565

A few trips to beer gardens while the sun was (just about) out.


Belgrave Music Hall


We tried some new food places.

IMG_0728 (1)

Thai restaurant, Leeds. (forgotten name!)

I also started going to the cinema more, due to actual decent films coming out! I hadn’t been for a while before summer. Reviews HERE.

HotPursuitBar download (6)

Of course, the month finished off perfectly with the bank holiday weekend and Leeds Festival!
Plus, my family came to stay! I got to show my mum, Aunt and cousin around Leeds a bit. It was great seeing them and showing them where I live, etc.

IMG_1061    IMG_1130

Bit of a short catch up of this month, but it was spent well! Probably mostly in pubs!

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