Summer? Where did you go?

Everyone’s excited for Autumn on here today, and I’m still wondering where summer went!


Ever want to quit your job as soon as the sun pops in May? Every summer, I hate that I have to work! As much as I like my job, I also like seeing sunshine and not being the pastiest damn person ever.

Then, you get those ‘lucky’ evenings, where the sun is still out on your way home. The one where you can pop to a beer garden, or chill out in your own garden. That happened at least 6 times during summer so you know, I can’t be too ungrateful.

I just wish it would last a liiittle longer. I feel like by the time I get ready for summer – by which I mean I have bought some decent summer clothes, possibly managed to sort my hair out, probably haven’t lost weight but have had at least 2 smoothies in a row – it’s already passed!

Autumn can be lovely, true. But the entire year disappears too fast and then it’s snow – because Leeds – and then it’s Christmas (which means all of my money goes on other people – pfft!).

Then…it’s time to start again! Each year we tell ourselves we’ll do it differently. I think I need to get organised and make the most of the rest of the year! I am having a look back on Summer to make sure/remind myself I have actually had a good one.

I still have my things to do before I’m 30 list….I’m 29 in January, but it will probably come around so fast!

Until then, I’m going to keep pretending it’s summer….

Have you made any changes this year? Or do you plan to?

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