Leeds Festival 2015 Highlights

Over the bank holiday weekend, I went to Leeds Festival! My first festival in 4 years and first time at Leeds fest!

We did the Friday and Sunday, as our favourite bands were on, but it definitely looks like we missed out on the Saturday. Weekend tickets had sold out by the time our organised selves tried to get some. And living in Leeds, it was great to come back to a nice warm…sofa (due to people staying)! Festival + being able to shower = amazing!

I took many pictures, saw many awesome musicians, and ate from many street food vans! We were also lucky enough to have sun the whole time we were there!


Getting ready.

Before going, my cousin did some amazing henna on my hand. I love it! Definitely going to buy some, but not sure I’ll be able to doodle the way she does. You can get it super cheap on eBay apparently, so I’ll be shopping for some soon.


I also tried some gold transfers. They were just like children’s tattoos, but look great. I had a gold band around my arm, and really like the look of these. When I got them in my glossybox and birchbox, I thought they were a bit lame, but I’m definitely going to use them more. Not sure the picture does it justice!


Leeds festival!


The first tent we came across had Kwabs. He is amazing!


The beer queue wasn’t nearly as long as I would expect, and was actually well organised. I don’t know if festivals have just got better at this or if Leeds is great, but either way, minimal waiting time for drinks. They served cider, wine and spirits at the main bar, but it’s pretty limited.


We spotted Nikki Grahame! I feel a bit mean taking a picture without her being aware, but we were trying to work out if it was her! Definitely was!


As the day went on, we popped to different tents, enjoying all the different types of music. That’s one thing I loved about Leeds Fest, it has a complete variety of artists and I’m into everything, so had a chance to see them all in one weekend. Also, it’s a really chilled festival, people seemed relaxed, and everybody just gets on with their day. I did find that everyone kept themselves to themselves, there wasn’t much mixing going on, but maybe there would have been if we’d camped.

They had brilliant fair rides! They were much faster than usual and we definitely got picked on, which is good as it means our ride was more fun!


Years and Years were absolutely amazing! I liked the music already, but am now a massive fan, as live was great!

My highlight of Friday was always going to be The Libertines. I have loved them for so long, and couldn’t wait! They were better than I imagined, incredible. They played all of my favourites and their new songs. I was almost gutted that they missed one of my favourites, but they saved it for last.


The audience was crazy and everybody sang along.


Ready for some bad photos? After The Libertines, we took a walk towards what we thought might be the exit. I think we actually got attracted to the pretty lights ahead and changed our direction. We ended up at the after party bit, where there were DJs, who were incredible. After a bit of a dance around, we wandered further and came to the Relentless stage, which had some dubstep, drum n bass, etc. It was like something from Alice in Wonderland, but darker. I’m not sure, just a bit magical. The trees were lit up with coloured, flashing lights and everyone came down to party after the bands had finished. It was a great way to end the day.


Friday was amazing!


Oh yeah! And I finally found replacement baggy, stripey, hippy trousers that I wore so much they had holes in. Now to ruin the next pair. Other purchases included an festival T-shirt (obvs.), a vintage silk shirt (amazing!) and a tiny dreamcatcher! Probably some other junk too.


As we did so much on Friday, it was a much more chilled day. We did of course still run around different tents, drink lots of beer, and go on our fave fair rides again! One of those rides being old school waltzers that felt like they were going to throw us out of our seats when we weren’t stuck to them!


Bands of the day were Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil and Metallica to name a few!

American bands are so different to British ones in the way they perform. They’re all about the show and do a great job of taking over the stage, whereas the British seem to be a bit more relaxed about it. I’m into metal, but not really the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, however, they were good, and I’d definitely watch them again. It was fun dancing around with their maniac fans!


The Food


Bit of late night ice cream while watching Metallica!


My phone hates me and kept running out of storage. I got a few pictures, but none of them fantastic. Also, I wanted to enjoy the bands, not stand there with my phone on them constantly.


On the way back from Metallica, we came across Rebel Sound – the supergroup formed by Chase & Status and Rage, Original Digital Soundboy Shy FX and Soundclash King and reggae legend David Rodigan. They were incredible! I didn’t even realise they were there. I can’t wait for the Hospitality gig in October now!

We went back to the magical land to end the night and the music was brilliant! Everyone looked like they were having an amazing time, and we definitely did.


Amazing weekend, great bands, and perfect company! I loved the variety and how chilled it was. I’ll definitely go again. Although part of me does think I’m getting too old for this! I mean, my feet really hurt! Maybe I’ll just get new shoes next time!

Have you ever been to Leeds Festival? Which is your favourite festival?