Goodbye BBC Three?

I don’t know why I haven’t written about this before, because it is something I have felt passionate about over the past year.

The BBC have made their final decision to cut BBC Three as a broadcast channel, and move it to an online platform. I do use the internet for watching most things. However, usually online you need to find what you want to watch and purposely choose it, rather than just ‘coming across’ something new because the TV is on.

BBC Three has churned out the likes of James Corden, Noel Fielding, Russell Howard and so many more! It brought us classics like Don’t Tell The Bride, Gavin and Stacey, Little Britain and not forgetting the endless Family Guy repeats. Also, we never would have met Nev from The Call Centre!
It became a platform for new talent, new scriptwriters, new actors. It represented a younger generation. And while that younger generation is often online, it doesn’t mean they don’t want TV.

I completely believe that moving online will separate it too much and place the new talent in with vloggers and other ‘online stars’. There will likely be no more accidentally catching a programme and deciding you like it. The one reason I would pay a TV license would be for BBC Three.

The BBC tried to create an online presence with the likes of E:20, a spinoff of Eastenders that focused on the younger characters. I tried to watch it, but didn’t really get it. It is clips rather than episodes, all under 10 minutes, and not really fitting with the actual programme. I wasn’t keen.

According to the BBC, the plans would mean:

  • The BBC saving over £50 million a year
  • £30 million of that going into drama on BBC One
  • BBC Three being reinvented as a new and innovative online service
  • The freed-up spectrum being used to extend CBBC by an hour a night and to provide a BBC One +1 service

While I can see how they have come to the conclusion that it may be the best idea, I would rather see boring old BBC 2 go!

Also, I’m sorry…are they needing extra space? They have about 10 main channels on UK TV, and at least another 14 Worldwide. I hardly think the only way to save money is to cut the one for the younger lot. They’re acting like it’s a channel for teenagers – you know, the people in life who are stuck at an in-between stage and need entertainment that’s not quite boring and soaps, and not quite cartoons – yet I’m 28, and have found some of my favourite shows on there. It has something for everyone, and a lot of comedy, something that I find lacking in it’s other channels. Unless you count repeats of Michael McIntyre.

BBC Three not only shows comedy, new sitcoms and panel shows, but interesting documentaries and lifestyle shows that aren’t just ‘look what colour I painted your wall’.

To get rid of a platform for young British people who want to work in TV seems dismissive and ignorant. There will be fewer hours dedicated to new shows, meaning even with a 24/7 platform, you will get much less new TV and have to indulge in nostalgia for the channel by watching repeats of the old ones.
There are plans to show more BBC Three programmes on BBC 1 and 2 for late night viewings, but some just would not have worked on those platforms.

You can read more about the plans HERE.

There was hope when the channel started, and my already dwindling faith in the BBC has been pushed further by the fact that an online petition signed by almost 300,000 viewers has been completely ignored.

You can still sign it in hope that they will come to their senses:

You can also send a response to their recent updates:

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