Beauty Review: Ted Baker Regency Heirs and Graces – Body Wash and Lotion

I love getting new toiletries and trying out different scents, so when I came across this cute set in work, I had to try it. The bag is a great size for travelling, storing toiletries or to use as a make up bag. It fits full size toiletries in and has a great design that instantly makes you think of luxury.

10185871Altogether, the set includes:
Body Wash 250ml
Body Lotion 200ml
Gift bag

I love the square bottle design of the body wash, it’s so different and looks great in the bathroom (because that’s important!). It was a bit strange squeezing out of a square tub, but not difficult, and it meant I didn’t end up wasting a load of product. It lathered really well, and the scent was lovely – perfumed, but not too strong. With a fragrance of bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli, it was luxurious and relaxing, yet still fresh. I’ve used it a few times, and it’s just as perfect in the morning as it is when having a pampering session!
I think because it foams so well, I might try it as a bubble bath too.

The wash is gel-like, not creamy and it doesn’t appear to make my skin feel any different, so the body lotion is a welcome addition. The scent is the same, subtle, but noticeable. My skin definitely felt softer and pampered. It also dried quite quickly, I didn’t have to hang around waiting for it to sink in, which means it can be used when getting ready quickly.

Overall, I really like this set, and will most likely be buying another, or similar set, when I’ve used this one. I use the body wash daily, and the lotion every couple of days. If you fancy something indulgent, but also want an every day product, this is a good choice.

There’s also a set without the bag, but with a free mini body lotion (50ml) instead, which is great for travelling or staying out.

ted baker set
I told my bosses my thoughts on the products, and they agreed to give a 25% discount on the 2 sets! Discount code: TED25

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to promote this product, but I do work for a company that sells it. 

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