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  1. Lizi's Life says

    There surprisingly is money to be made from Car Boot Sales Tina. Years ago I went every Sunday, I would buy bits and bobs from other boosters and re-sell (shaming to say, I’m sorry). You mark up and hold your own. I paid for a holiday to Lanzarote on just the takings from these sales. It did take a few months but proves that anything is possible 😀

    • Tea Is For Tina says

      Wow that’s brilliant! No shame in using your knowledge and marking up. I have tried a couple in the past as some things are too good not to try and sell. Never goes too well though!
      I was just amazed at how much it cost per car (maybe being from a small town where it costs £5 has warped my view) and the junk that’s about. I know you can find some hidden gems but I’d never try to sell anything unusable.
      Although now I’m thinking I need another go and a holiday! 😊

      • Lizi's Life says

        Look around and see what fetches in the money. You’ll be surprised at what can be found there.
        I had a friend that sold 2nd hand baby clothes. She’d scour the paper Monday through Thursday; buy, wash, iron and bag and then sell on Sunday. She had a lady make basic baby bonnets for her that she then covered in bows etc. she managed to pay her mortgage every month from what she made at selling on the Sunday. She did have a large pitch mind you 😃

        • Tea Is For Tina says

          Wow, that’s brilliant! Well done her!
          Some people do have success, I was just surprised considering the way some people present their items.
          I do think it can be fun though, plus on sunny days, it’s nice to be out in it all day!


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