Otley Car Boot Sale

I haven’t been to a car boot sale for ages, and they’re not my typical outing, but I do love a look around one now and then to see if anything interesting catches my eye.

I looked up where to go online, based around West Yorkshire, and the selling point for this one was it starts in the afternoon, 12-4pm. Perfect, time for a lazy morning and good breakfast before going.

I’ve been to this one before, but got there really late, and there weren’t really any stalls left.

otley car boot

On arrival, we were surprised to see a huge queue outside the farmer’s auction market it’s held in. It was £1 to get in, but there was early entry for £5. £5?! Who pays that for a rummage in some old boxes? I saw a guy come out with some small bits of junk. They may well have been bargains, but I bet the added fiver meant they weren’t!

Not wanting to queue, we went for a bit of a walk. We only saw part of Otley, but have seen some before and it looks like a lovely place to have a stroll around. It seems like it would be great to pop to the beer garden there for a quiet one, but it was a bit early, even for me!

We made our way back and there was still a big queue about half an hour later. It seemed to be going down pretty fast, and there weren’t many behind us, but I definitely wouldn’t go before 12.30pm.

The Otley Car Boot Sale

Once inside, and ready to hunt out some vintage goodies, I was left feeling a bit disappointed. I thought it must be only a small portion, but it really wasn’t. I thought this was supposed to be big? People of Leeds, tell me I missed something?!

There were mostly small stalls of junk, and not the good kind. There were about 2 stalls altogether that I would have considered purchasing from if they actually had anything I wanted, an the usual DVD, toy, etc. stalls that can be okay depending on what you want.
The rest were shocking, and looked like regular stalls:
Dirty, and I mean completely soiled, shoes on a lot of the stalls – and some shoes were about £6 in Primark to begin with;
Old books that were ripped and drawn on;
Toys that were broken or dirty – dirty items for children!

What possesses people to buy this stuff? Do they buy this stuff?

It costs £14 for a car when selling, more for a van. How on earth anyone breaks even, let alone makes money is a mystery to me. It only leaves me even more annoyed that I could barely make £20 from the boot sale I tried once, selling brand new items and new – clean! – clothes and home decor pieces. Also, offended that I was offered 50p for a brand new Zara maxi skirt, with the tag still on. Where did I go wrong?! 

I did have a nice ice cream though!

Have you been? Did I, in fact, miss the good bits? Is there one worth paying to check out in Leeds or near?