Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

One thing I love about Leeds is the great bars! There are so many, and each one is so different to the next that you will always find one that suits you.

I’ve been for a drink in the Belgrave before, but sat downstairs as the rooftop was full. It’s quirky and fun, with mismatched furniture and a hang out vibe. Even the most postured would have a hard time not just falling into a seat and relaxing.

On Sunday, it was a bit of a sunny/overcast day, but still hot. After a quick trip to Otley, we went into town for some food and a walk around. After that, we decided on a quick drink before heading home. It was so warm, we wanted a nice beer garden so headed to the Belgrave, and actually managed to get some seats.


The upstairs is so nice. You have to walk up quite a few stairs, so bring a friend with trainers or flats!
It has different sitting areas and types of seats, writing on the walls (not graffiti, but nice things, like below), giant signs and little huts to chill out in. We ended up staying for hours.

The sun wasn’t out most of the time, but it was great to be outside! When it got a little later, we moved into one of the huts, which are really cosy.

The drinks aren’t mega cheap, but I never expect that in town really. It wasn’t nearly as bad as some places though, with a pint and large wine coming in at £8. If going upstairs, you do have to have your drink in a plastic cup, which is fair enough, but the wine felt a bit silly in a cup -that didn’t stop me drinking it though!

I didn’t take too many pictures, as there were people about, but as this was on their own website, I’m stealing it to show you:

They have loads of events and sell food too – which I’ll have to try next time.
If you haven’t been, you should check it out. Perfect place on a sunny day, if you can get a seat!

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