Why do women wear make up?

After reading a few posts this morning, and one especially that made me think about this, I realised that beauty is a really strange concept. I’ve always thought it in a way, I’ve always wondered why we do things that we believe make us look better.

When I began writing this, I set out to answer the question, but it didn’t really go that way and instead I’m still left wondering. This is more of a wandering mind than anything so come join me, and help me!

Last weekend while applying more make up than I would during the day, I was wondering why people pile on more make up or a tan to go out. Why should you be different when going to a club than when you’re going shopping? Why does it matter? It’s not purely to pull (although I’m sure that’s one reason), because even people in relationships do this.


Even people who claim it doesn’t matter still make themselves up, cover parts of their face or try to change or enhance their appearance in some way. (Ahem, I might be one of these!)

On a day to day basis, I barely wear make up. I’m perfectly happy to have none on. I’d also happily go out without any at night I think. But for some reason I don’t, and I’m not sure why. It’s not to pull, and even if it was I’d be offended if I thought it was only make up that was doing that for me. I’m charming as fuck! It’s not a lack of confidence, as I don’t really care too much, my face will do. However, when I see photos I’m not usually happy that that’s my face! Why?! I definitely don’t just wear it because of photos…do I?

One reason I can think of is other girls. If I was getting ready with my friends, they would definitely find it odd if I didn’t apply any make up. Or if I was out amongst other girls who wore it, I think I’d feel a bit like the girl who couldn’t be bothered or didn’t make an effort with myself.

I do remember the first time I tried foundation, and suddenly my face looked fresher and skin tone more even, plus it covered some of my freckles, of which I had loads before office life hid me from the sun! So I suppose there is that as well, you feel at your best when a few ‘flaws’ are covered up.

There is also the age factor. Young girls trying to look older, and old women trying to look younger.

Make up became popular to the masses in the 1920s/30s when it was featured on Hollywood starlets in films. Before that, it was mostly used in order to show wealth and status. Women in the early 1900s would whiten their faces in order to look pale, as rich people did not work outside in the sun and get tanned.


From an almost practical use to becoming a playful way to manipulate looks, make up became a tool for creating beauty. Beauty, as always, is defined by culture and popularity. Many women on screen were and are considered beautiful, and it is believed you can achieve the looks with simple make up tricks. People become desperate to look like their idols. Don’t even get me started on the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.


One thing I can’t get my head around is people thinking of this as true beauty. The amount of times people have said someone is ‘stunning’ only due to the amount of make up on them makes me wonder if just the association of make up and fakery can be perceived as beauty. I do believe everyone has their own beauty and unique look, but I am not going to lie and say that somebody seems typically attractive just because they have the standard make up face. More and more people are morphing into one another. I genuinely have to check tags on Facebook for some people to see who it is as they all look so similar.

Even the ‘no make up challenge’ that was viral a while ago had girls sitting in perfect lighting conditions, and quite a lot with ‘natural’ make up anyway. What is everyone so worried about? Everyone I have ever known has seen my real face. Nobody has ever said to me that somebody else looks hideous and should wear make up. Although I’ve been told I should which is lovely to hear! Just remember, anyone who ever says anything like that is clearly very insecure.

I like make up. I think it can be playful and fun and like to cover up my blemishes a bit (if anyone has a tip to remove or hide the scary bags under my eyes, – heeelp!), but on the whole, I like it as an enhancement to the way I already look, rather than using it to change myself. I don’t know why I want it on, but I know I do sometimes. If it makes you feel good, then why not, but I do worry about people who rely on it to have some self-confidence.
The only way we even know what is perceived as beautiful is due to what we have seen, and experienced, and heard from others, from the media, magazines, and celebrities, and most of it isn’t even real! To be honest, I feel disappointed in myself for going along with it. Either way, I will definitely continue messing about with my face!

Why do you wear make up? Is there anybody else like me who is not trying to look different, but wears it anyway? Yours, confused and make up free (for now), Tina x

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