Film Review: Hot Pursuit (2015)


First of all, I have to state my bias. I LOVE Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon! They can probably do no wrong in my eyes.

When going to watch this, I was in no way expecting a serious, well thought out film, and I didn’t get one. I was, however, expecting to laugh and relax, and definitely did!

The characters Officer Cooper (Witherspoon) and Daniella Riva (Vergara) are complete opposites, basic plot of any buddy movie. Cooper is a rigid rules woman groomed from a young age to be a brilliant cop just like her father, whereas Mrs Riva is the sexy, glamourous widow of a drug lord. Cooper must protect Mrs Riva from the people who killed her husband while on the way to take her to court to testify against somebody. They get set up and both end up on the run.

They don’t get along, but the characters have such good chemistry, and their strengths are pulled together when trying to get out of sticky situations.

Vergara pulls much of her Modern Family character Gloria’s character traits into the film; shouty, Spanish speeches, sexy and seemingly superficial. I can’t tell if that’s just what she’s like – I hope so! Witherspoon counteracts this by being strict, by the book and almost dowdy. However, her cuteness still comes through (I don’t think it’s possible to not show that side of her) and leaves her seeming a bit vulnerable. In each situation, the girls have to find a way to work things out even though they have very different ideas of how to go about it.

I hope they make more films together as they really are brilliant and that’s probably the best thing about this film.

Hot Pursuit made me laugh throughout. Definitely a laugh out loud comedy (and we were loud!) with jokes at every stage.
As far as the storyline goes, I thought it was alright. It seems to be getting a lot of bad reviews, but it’s a comedy! It made sense, it had a plot at least, and it was a fun idea.

Some of the jokes could be offensive to an intelligent woman who would like to prove women can be hilarious too! They’re a bit cheap, and play on stereotypes making us all look like idiots. However, I think I found it funny because it plays on the stereotypes. It’s laughing at yourself or how irrational people can be. I think it’s the same when it’s two men in a cop film or something vaguely similar, they have character traits that are absurd and play on male stereotypes.

I love the actresses, and the fact that they don’t take themselves too seriously, even though they are so successful and think this adds to the enjoyment for me.

It is a bit lazy, and certainly tried and tested humour, but I think Vergara and Witherspoon do it well. I would of course like to see some funny women in a more impressive film.

I don’t think I’d recommend it as an award-worthy, amazing film, but if you want to watch a chilled, silly film and have a laugh with your mates, this is the film to go and see. It’s definitely one for the girls, but I think anyone would be able to see the humour in this film.

Plus, it’s so good to have some funny women on the big screen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen enough. More please!

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