1940s Day at Valley Gardens, Harrogate – 28th June 2015


1940s Day

A day of nostalgia (well, not for me!), vintage fashion, veterans and classic cars. I was really impressed by how much they had managed to bring together. They being the Friends of Valley Gardens, who help look after the gorgeous park in Harrogate. I have never heard about this event before, but came across it on Facebook. It happens every year so I will definitely be going back.

My boyfriend and I had a fantastic day, looking at World War 2 memorabilia and beautiful vintage clothing (okay that bit was just me). We walked into the gardens to a marching band, which was brilliant! We also had the chance to watch a Spitfire flyover! It was incredible seeing it fly past and turn in the air. We also got to see a Red Kite bird at the same time that had been scared out of it’s tree!

Here is my poor attempt at a picture on my phone! Still worth a share!


The Clothing

People really made an effort with their outfits, and my polka dot tie up top seemed a poor effort! I was going for subtlety – possibly too subtle next to the full on vintage get ups.

I did try on a fox stole though so close enough. While it felt soft, and was in great condition, they’re not for me! It was so odd having an actual animal around my neck.


The Cars

The cars were in excellent condition, so well looked after and beautiful. I am a massive fan of classic cars, so these were always going to be a big part of the day for me. They had the MG Car Club there and loads of them in a row.


My favourite image of the day was a man smoking his pipe while chilling in his car. I don’t want to put up a picture of somebody without their knowledge, but it made my day. That’s what ‘life goals’ should be!


They had owls and snakes there for handling, and even though I love birds and enjoy displays, I’m not sure how I feel about them being tied up and held all day. However, children had a great time with them, so it’s a great family day out too.
There were food vans and a beer tent, plus plenty of stalls. I didn’t get pictures of everything as was busy just enjoying being there.

Another addition was the stage with singers and events throughout the day.

The Stalls

A lover of stalls of all kinds and anything vintage, I was in my element having a dig around at the old kitchen tools, gadgets and wartime gear.  It made the day all the more authentic.


The Gardens

I’ve been to Valley Gardens before, but haven’t explored it much, so we went for a walk around to check it out. It is so beautifully kept.


I was amazed by the giant plants! The one above (Gunnera of some type – if you know, please let me know) stands at about 6ft!


A man at the pump room gave us the history of the water springs throughout the park, which was really interesting, and people throughout the event were friendly. There is a big park at one end of the gardens, so it’s perfect for a day out with the kids.

All in all it was a brilliant day, and I would recommend anyone go at least once. There is so much that there’s bound to be something to interest you.

I’d like to say thanks to anyone involved if you come across this and especially to Friends of Valley Gardens for such a great event!


I love Harrogate, so we had a wander in town too, and ended up getting some Lunch at Vivido. Mine was lovely. They have an early bird menu, so I had Bruschetta, then a Pork main, and a glass of white wine, all for just under £12.


However, my boyfriend wasn’t quite as lucky, he wasn’t keen on the wine. Clearly I’m less fussy with that! Also, his main was a pepperoni pizza, but he asked for no cheese. Well…he didn’t get any cheese, but the pizza itself was empty! A crisp, tomatoey base that tasted just like something out of a jar, although I’d believe it was homemade, and a small amount of pepperoni randomly dashed around. I understand that the menu didn’t specify anything else, but they could have thrown some leaves on and made it look presentable.

Another stop was at one of my favourite vintage stores, Space.
As usual they had some great pieces.


Altogether a great weekend, finished off with a made up recipe homemade cocktail of Pineapple and Basil, and various other bits of fruit! Delicious!