Edit: Slowest post ever! First Ever Glossybox: May 2015

I bought my first GlossyBox and received it a week ago. I also bought Birchbox to see which one I liked best, but this has not turned up yet, so haven’t cancelled my subscription for either. Almost 2 weeks later, I received June’s GlossyBox!

So while I am super slow on this, I’m going to tell you about both – today!

I was really excited to see what would be in my GlossyBox when it arrived. I knew a bit about them and had seen other blog posts in the past, so I wondered what I was going to be trying. I have read that the boxes have gone downhill a bit lately, but held out hope.

It arrives in a cute, dotty logo box and inside is a pink wrapped box. Love the design and wrapping inside, it’s a nice touch. (My photos could be better!)
IMG_8289               FullSizeRender

I have to say, when I opened the box, I was initially disappointed. Nothing stood out to me. I got a free tote bag for signing up in May, which was nice, nothing spectacular, but cute design and I’m sure I’ll use it.


What’s in the box?

Zerreau Towel Off Dry Shampoo Foam


This was the first thing I tried. Some people have said that it made their hair worse or feel greasy, but I was actually really impressed with it. Ever the cynic, I didn’t think waterless shampoo would do much for me, especially as I’m not a fan of lots of products in my hair. I thought it would feel like a sticky mess.

It was brilliant! I think the mistake some people have made is to use a hairdryer rather than towel. I have long hair, and it’s a pain to towel dry, but I gave it a furious few minutes and was amazed at how fresh it was looking. There was one spot on the back which didn’t seem to match up, but I’ll put that down to a funny shaped head or something!
I’ll try it once more to make sure it’s not fluke before using it to go out etc.

One thing I did think was that my hair felt as if it has just been washed, really fresh, compared with the usual dry shampoos that feel like product build up but look okay (in light hair at least)

MEMEME ENCHANTED EYES  – midnight storm


It’s a blue pencil, for liner, shadow, etc. I have used one years ago, but it was quite bright and a bit more playful. Cartoon eyes!
A lot of people seemed unhappy with this too, but I LOVE it! I lined my eyes with it, just to check it out and it brightened them up straight away without the intensity of black, but less subtle than brown. New favourite!

It glided on really easily. I also like that it has two ends with slightly different blues so you can create a smoky eye. I’d definitely buy it again.

REnewed hope in a jar
Sample (usually £35.50 for jar)


I haven’t tried this yet! I hear good things, but honestly have so much moisturiser, and don’t want to keep changing. This is quite expensive when full size so I think when I use it I will do for a few days and do a full review.

Sass intimate perfect skin concentrate


This is not something I would think about buying and I’m not sure why. It’s for use after shaving/waxing etc to prevent ingrown hairs. I used it after my usual routine and it did seem to do something, not sure if it’s the good old placebo effect taking place but everything felt smoother and I really do think it would be good to use regularly. Even after one use, I think I’d buy it again. Also, the packaging is lovely and enough to make a weirdo like me buy it anyway!

Etre belle aloe vera moisturizing gel


Another moisturiser, claiming to improve elasticity in the skin. Have not tried this yet either. I may try some different moisturisers each week and just pick a favourite and avoid all others! I have so many!

It was a good amount for the price (£10 + postage) and I really liked the products I tried. I was a bit frustrated by the moisturisers, I don’t think they should be two of the five products, and I can’t test them at the same time. However, that’s more a personal choice than the box being rubbish. I did get my money’s worth, but at the same time wasn’t introduced to anything life changing. I don’t know if I want more boxes, just because monthly is too much for me. I don’t use products enough to merit getting that many in every month. I wish they did a bi-monthly box.

I have already received my second box and was extremely disappointed by that one – but haven’t tried anything yet so maybe something will amaze me.

I have actually stopped the subscription due to how bad the second one was, and the fact that they come too fast for me. However, for someone who is constantly buying products anyway, these seem a good way to go!

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