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  1. I usually go to your average chain stores for make up in general, but usually, they’re over priced, and not what works with my dry in the winter, and oily in the summer skin! Can’t win! I’ve heard of Body Shop before, just never thought to check them out! Now I’m interested!!

    • Sorry I’ve just seen this! I honestly can’t recommend The Body Shop enough! My friends think I’m being paid by them haha. Most of their skincare is so spot on. I’m not as keen on the make up, but some people love it. This range for winter works wonders for me x

  2. Hey!!! =)
    I tried the Vitamin E range a few years ago when my skin was so oily it may as well have been an oil slick so safe to say it didn’t work for me then but perhaps now with my skin a bit more on the dry side of things, it might work. I love The Body Shop as I’m sure you know and have been using their Tea Tree range for the last few weeks and wow what a turn around!! I’m sure it is what has helped clear up my skin in just a matter of weeks (and I’m talking no less then 3!!) I can’t quite believe it actually!! Perhaps I need to check out this range…..I like the sound of the face mask!!
    Another awesome review babes, you really know how to sell it to me don’t you!?!?!
    Sunshine Sarah xxxx

    • It’s definitely worth a try! Maybe see if there is a sample or just try one of the masks first to check as you can buy sachets. Thank you, haha, if I love a product I have to tell everyone! Glad the reviews work though, I think Body Shop should hire me 😉 xxx


  1. […] When I’m actually doing it properly, quite a few. My skincare routine is basically all of the Body Shop Vitamin E […]

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