Beauty Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Range.

Are you ready to dive into an obsession? I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. A friend suggested I try the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser over a year ago, but I had so many moisturisers and face creams to use up, I thought I’d wait. She was adamant this is what I needed for dry skin so gave me the day moisturiser. It was amazing!

Body Shop Vitamin E Range

So I went on to buy almost the whole range when it was on offer (which Body Shop always do by the way!). There’s LOADS of it! I have been using these products for about a year now and they have made such a difference.


I use the Moisture Cream every single morning, and no matter how tired I feel, this boosts me first thing. My boyfriend even steals it, it’s so nice! It’s quite lightweight, but you get great coverage from a small amount. It glides on easily, and the smell isn’t invasive. It’s barely there and quite pleasant. My skin feels instantly better with it on, and it dries fast so it’s great for under make up on rushed mornings. I have just repurchased a 100 ml pot. Reviews from Feb. 2015 onward have mentioned the change of ingredients and scent, but honestly, I haven’t noticed. I don’t have a sensitive sense of smell, but my nose works. The limited edition packaging is a nice little bonus. Something I find strange is the usual dark lid for day cream and light one for night. It feels backwards to me!


The first time I used the night cream, I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin felt the next day. It was much softer, and I felt more fresh. It was the skin of a good sleep – which I hadn’t had! it’s thicker than the day cream, and takes a while to sink in. 

I had tried the night cream and thought there was no harm in giving this a go too, although didn’t think it could make me feel any better than the other really.
It seemed oily at first, but I put it on a cotton pad, and dabbed it onto my face. I tried it alone, and it felt like fairies had been pampering me in my sleep. Noticeable difference, although I will admit I don’t use it every day – I’m terrible with a routine.


This is amazing! I used to have a cooling spray years ago, which was basically water in a can I’m sure. This is so refreshing, and great for a quick freshen up in the day. You can use it over make up and nothing smudges (that might change if you actively try to rub your make up away when it’s still a bit wet!). It’s great for cold days when you’re skin is dry and dull, as gives a moisture boost, but on hot days it’s cooling so great then too! Also, if you’re tired and you spray this in your face, it’s an instant wake up! I carry it everywhere in my bag now.


Because obviously i haven’t tried enough of this range…


I’ve tried many a face mask at home when having a pampering sesh, but one thing that always bugs me is how messy they are. Have you ever ended up with a gloopy face or tried washing it off only to get your hands covered too. Peel offs can be fun, but apart from the fun of peeling, I’ve never had much luck with them. I tried this before bed. Slapped it on my face, and used tissue to dab it off 10 minutes later. Then I gave my skin a quick rinse. I felt refreshed, and a bit soft, as expected.
I put the night cream on and went to sleep. The next day I felt like I had a whole new face! t was so soft, my skin looked clearer and less dull. Amazing! Will use forever! i only use it once or twice a fortnight at the moment.

A great base for the moisturiser. Sometimes it feels weird putting cream straight onto dry skin, this helps it soak in a bit and I use it almost every day. again, routine fails me!


I thought I might as well dip into the body range too, and bought  a body butter. I don’t think anyone needs telling how amazing Body Shop butters are, but I have loads and use them A LOT!
for anyone who hasn’t tried them, or is worried about the price, Body Shop do offers really often, up to 40% and most months, there will be a butter in there. They have a sale on at the moment actually!
Body butter really does make your skin feel smoother and softer, it’s like a thick, indulgent moisturiser to drench your skin in. Perfect! It dries quite fast, but not instantly. I usually put it on about ten minutes before I want to get dressed, just to make sure it’s all soaked in.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop Vitamin E range? Any Body Shop products you’re wondering about? I can probably answer!

Disclaimer: As much as my friends claim they’re sure I must get commission on these products because I’m always raving about them, I do not, and would never review a product dishonestly.

Disclaimer 2: I am in love with Body Shop!