Magazine Day!

Please tell me others love Tuesdays just because it’s magazine day? Each week, I walk into Tesco like an excited child going to a sweet shop on a boring trip to town.
I scope out the part of the aisle where my favourites live, then grab them like a woman on a mission – I know what I want!

Once a month, it gets even more special, as the monthly’s come out too. Hello, Cosmo!

This week’s round up:

I buy these religiously, as well as Glamour. Then I pick and choose others throughout the month.

Why do I love Magazine Day?

I am not sure why I am so drawn to these glossy mags when there is so much online. It’s not the models, make up or the seemingly glamourous lifestyle being promoted that catches my eye. It’s certainly not the interesting articles, or lack of as it seems to be more recently.
I do love the fashion pages, although I can get a fashion fix elsewhere.

As well as other unknown reasons, I think it’s almost nostalgic in a way for me. When my friend and I had our first job in the same shop, each month on payday, we would go and buy chips and a magazine. It became a beautiful tradition, and even as we parted ways in our careers, it still resonated as a treat that I had earned.

Another friend and I used to read every teen mag in existence and discuss them together at length! We learned about everything from adolescence and music to fashion and beauty.

Even at this age, magazines have brought me closer to people. My flatmate and I used to share magazines and talk about what was going on in them over a hot drink.

Even my boyfriend has had the odd glance with me. And the odd discussion over a ‘stupid’ article.  He doesn’t always agree with the magazines as mentioned here.

My mum was into real life magazines, and while they are not really for me, I’d still read them with her when younger. She saw sitting with a magazine as her time out each day and I definitely followed suit. She’d buy me Girl Talk, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, all from a young age. I loved to read, but with magazines, I felt more involved. I was learning about real life and getting to know fashion more – before the internet became a household necessity (there was such a time!).

Now, when I think about relaxing, I don’t turn to a bright screen, or a long book. I get my magazines out! Magazines introduce you to things you would never normally search for, things that you wouldn’t come across on your daily browse.

You also get the odd freebie which is always appreciated!

Do you have a monthly magazine binge too? Why do you like or dislike magazines?