Beauty Review: Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter

Something amazing happened yesterday! I had a small parcel, and hadn’t remembered ordering anything. I opened it to find the a really cute tub of lip butter.

I can only assume I’ve signed up for some freebie online, but don’t remember doing so at all. If anyone else had this, where is it from?! When searching online, I can see that it was included in GlossyBox a few months ago.

I am always trying new lip balms, as my lips really need them! I tried the Body Shop lip butter thinking it would be creamy and amazing, and was left disappointed. I was so glad this had come to me!

I received it in coral – my favourite! It has the cutest packaging, and is like a little apothecary bottle, with a pretty, shiny gold lid. This one didn’t come with a box, so the surprise package was even more confusing.


I tried it out this morning, and to my surprise, it took no effort to get it out of the tub. Not like some others where you have to scrape or press hard. It just easily glided onto a brush and onto my lips, and was so creamy, but not wet or drippy.

It is exactly what I first expected when looking at lip butters. Luxury on the lips! The colour was amazing too! For work, I like subtle colour, if any. This was perfect, it coloured them evenly and made my lips pop, but somehow was still subtle. If you’ve tried other tinted lip balms, this is like one colour notch up.

It’s incredibly creamy with great colour, glides on easily and definitely softens lips. This made them completely smooth. I”m amazed!

The coral is perfect for me, but I will definitely try other colours. I can see it for about £9 online, so it is a bit expensive, but you use only need to use a tiny amount so it will last ages. I would definitely buy this again, but don’t think I’ll need to for a while.

It’s so perfect for me, I’m started to wonder if I did actually order it…

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  • RavishingRoses

    great review. looks so cute. love your blog would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx

    • Thanks! First beauty review, eek! I have just popped over to yours and it’s great, looking forward to future posts 🙂 x

      • RavishingRoses

        Aw thanks so much xxx

  • sophiacassells

    Omg I got this in the Glossybox it’s like a new american brand

    • Oh really? Have you tried yours yet? I love it! In case you couldn’t tell! x

      • sophiacassells

        ha yes I really liked the colour, texture and of course the tub but I thought that the smell was really strange…Kind of like M&Ms which is weird. that’s honestly the only reason I don’t use it and it’s a shame as I think it looks really cute

        • I literally just ran to get mine and sniff it! hehe! It does have a bit of an odd smell actually, but mine doesn’t seem strong and I could only smell it when I tried then 🙂

          • sophiacassells

            Oh haha that’s funny 😀 Oh I guess it’s just me then 😀

  • Wow lovely surprise! I got this in a Glossybox a few months ago, I really liked it !

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